NSA Building Ltd were selected by their client to convert this disused building into a dual bedroom and bathroom dwelling under Class Q building regulations, and as you can see they had their work cut out for them!

The project began in February 2019 and took around nine months to complete. Tackling a building in such a poor state of repair was no mean feat; with every precaution taken to ensure the team's safety when dismantling areas of the site deemed structurally unsound. To make matters worse, four days into the build crucial equipment was stolen from the site, setting NSA Building back further in this challenging project.

Image of derelict barn


Image of derelict barn


Nonetheless they displayed the Master Builder difference and delivered a well insulated low-energy home for their client using all the original concrete flooring, roof tiles and masonry after crushing and recycling it on-site. 

The home is insulated with 150mm celotex in the floor, 100mm in the walls and 200mm in the roof, and also features underfloor heating with all hot water and heating drawn from an air-source heat pump and a log-burning stove.

The outside is clad with Siberian larch and all the guttering and fascias are pressed aluminium. The windows and doors are made from highly efficient triple glazed aluminium.

Image of converted barn


Images of converted barn interior


The client was over the moon with the project as a whole and subsequently enlisted NSA Building in the process of converting her sister's WW2 building into a home of her own, demonstrating the value of cultivating a great working relationship between builder and client!

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