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The next Welsh Government must bring forward measures to support the building industry, which will play a vital role in re-building a more prosperous and greener economy post-Covid.

Builders are calling on the next Welsh Government to prioritise three key policies:

  1. To deliver more homes through small to medium-sized (SME) builders

SME house builders stand ready to re-build a better Wales, but they need more support to do so. The next Welsh Government should invest in local authority planning departments to unlock more homes.

  1. To put SMEs at the heart of the green revolution to decarbonise our homes

Housing is responsible for around a quarter of carbon emissions, meaning we must retrofit our homes so they consume less energy and conserve it more effectively. However, the industry will need 12,000 new tradespeople in the sector by 2028 to do the work that is needed.

  1. To improve and increase the number of people in the construction workforce

The building industry suffers from an image problem. The Welsh Government can help improve the parity of esteem between academic and vocational education, which will encourage more young people into construction.

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