Before you start preparing your nominations for the 2021 Master Builder Awards, read our top five tips on how to ensure your entry stands out from the competition. 

1. Choose your categories

You can submit a single project for multiple categories, provided it meets the category criteria. For example, a new home may be eligible for the Small Renovation Award and the Kitchen Project category. When you save or submit your multi-category nomination it will be split into the separate entry forms – one for each individual category. 

You will need to submit a separate nomination form for each unique project you are nominating (e.g. you cannot nominate two separate projects in the same entry form).

2. Speak to your client

You need permission from your client to enter their project into the awards as entries may be publicised on the FMB website, social media channels and in the media. Personal client details are not required and will not be made public at any time. However, client contact details may be requested for the purposes of validating an entry. Read the Terms and Conditions of entry here.

3. Request a client testimonial

We encourage you to also request a testimonial from your client to support your nomination. Testimonials can speak volumes not just about the quality of your work, but also about the relationships you form with your clients. You may need to give your clients time to send you a testimonial so don’t leave this request, or your nomination, until the last minute. You can download a template email to send to your client here.

4. Prepare your draft responses

Read the questions carefully. Make sure you answer the question clearly in your response and stick to word limits. Drafting succinct responses to each question can take time. Be careful not to be too brief either – a one sentence answer is unlikely to give judges much insight into the project or the individual you are nominating. You may like to draft your responses in a Word document before uploading them in the online nomination form. Click the links below to download a list of the questions for each category:

5. Organise good quality photos

Ensure you have a minimum of five (5) for project categories or three (3) for other categories high resolution photos (minimum of 2MB file size) showcasing your project and/or the people involved. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Good quality photos are incredibly important to help showcase your project and impress the judges. Make sure you include a picture that captures the whole project not just a detail.  If you’re submitting a renovation project, then providing ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos can also help to convey the true scale of your achievement. Read our photography guide for tips on how to take a good photo.

A combination of good high-quality photos and strong written responses will really help you to stand out from the competition.