The Federation of Master Builders

Dispute Resolution


The FMB is certified by the Chartered Trading Institute to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADR) to FMB members and their clients, to assist in reaching a satisfactory outcome to building disputes.

The FMB employs four ADR Officials, who have received appropriate training in mediation and consumer rights.

Our ADR Officials are trained to operate the FMB Dispute Resolution Procedure in an impartial and fair manner. We maintain a Conflict of Interest log to ensure that this is the case.

Each year a very small number of member companies are expelled from membership because of serious failure to abide by the FMB’s Code of Practice, including for failure to engage with our Dispute Resolution Procedure, participation in which is mandatory for members.

Please note:

  • We can only accept complaints in English.
  • If you are unable to download the Application for Dispute Resolution, please contact 0113 201 4263 to request a postal application.
  • For all other terms and conditions of the FMB Conciliation Scheme, please download the Application for Dispute Resolution.

Conciliation Scheme


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