Membership criteria

Before becoming a Master Builder members must meet our strict membership criteria as well as passing our vetting process.

As well as signing up to a Code of Practice members must confirm their trading address and VAT registration details (if applicable). We also check their employers (if applicable) and public liability insurance, verify that they have no un-discharged bankruptcies or relevant and outstanding County Court Judgements and perform credit, public record and director checks – all of which they must pass before being accepted in to membership.

Since 2011, all of our members have passed an independent inspection before joining and from 2015 all members will be inspected every 3 years. Member inspections are carried out by an inspector from the British Board of Agrément, an independent non-profit distributing organisation accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

The Federation of Master Builders has been improving standards and helping our members to build better for over 75 years.

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