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Legislation on building safety standards must be underpinned by mandatory licensing

Published date: 14 October 2019

New legislation regarding the implementation of building safety standards needs to be underpinned by a mandatory licensing scheme....

Consumer demand for new homes falls by 8%

Published date: 09 October 2019

Consumer demand for new homes has fallen by 8% over the last year to its lowest level since 2013...

Simple Brexit visa system needed for construction workers

Published date: 03 October 2019

A simple, flexible migration system for construction workers post-Brexit is essential....

Construction input needed for Brexit preparations

Published date: 02 October 2019

Construction should not be overlooked by the Government in no-deal Brexit preparations....

Making our homes more energy efficient will boost wellbeing

Published date: 17 September 2019

Making the UK’s homes more energy efficient will reduce energy bills, tackle the scourge of fuel poverty and help address the climate crisis...

Home Front: How to create “kerb appeal” from just £150 to attract buyers and sell for a top price

Published date: 17 September 2019

More than two thirds (68%) of homeowners say kerb appeal was important in their choice of home....

Government delay to VAT change is a victory for common sense

Published date: 06 September 2019

Government’s decision to delay by one year the implementation of potentially damaging VAT changes for construction companies is a victory....

Housing must be part of Chancellor’s ‘infrastructure revolution’

Published date: 04 September 2019

House building and a new retrofit strategy must form part of the Government’s ‘infrastructure revolution’....

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