The FMB is run by members for members. At a national level, the FMB is governed by an elected, all-member Board of Directors, with day-to-day management delegated to a Senior Management Team. At the local level, there are 11 Area Boards, also made up of elected FMB members. 

Board of Directors

The FMB’s Board of Directors (the Board) provides the overall direction and leadership of the FMB's strategic plan and ensures its effectiveness as a membership organisation. It is made up of 14 member representatives, elected by the Area Boards in the eight English regions and three home nations. The Chair is the National President, who holds the post for two years. Read more about the members of the FMB’s Board of Directors

Area Boards

Each Area Board is made up of 14 Master Builders, elected by members in the corresponding nation or region. Area Boards meet regularly to discuss their experiences and observations of the building sector at a local level, and to make recommendations on how the FMB can best support members. Find out more about the FMB's Area Board representatives below.


  • Gary Olsen, Create For You (Developments) Ltd – Area Board President
  • Robert Tiffin, Eco Tiffin Ltd – Area Board Vice President
  • Jan Etchells, Syntonic Kitchen Technicians Limited – National President
  • Annie Summun, Kisiel Group Ltd – National Board Member
  • David Gutierrez, Amic Ltd 
  • Philip Roach, Roach Brothers Ltd 
  • Sanjay Nairi, Refurb It All Ltd 
  • Francisco Checa Romero, Studio Idealyc 
  • Ross Malone, Orchestrate Design and Build Ltd 
  • Ben Kola, Greenlife Contractors Ltd 
  • Nik Nelberg, Earl and Calam Design and Build Ltd 
  • Karel Grobler, Carl Construction Ltd 
  • Fiqiri Palushi, Forest Lofts Ltd 
  • Douglas Stewart, Waterside Construction Ltd 

Co-opted members

  • Gary Webb, Whitenold Construction Ltd 
  • Ben Chapman, Prestige Developments London


  • Nicola de Sousa, Mister & Missus Ltd – Area Board President
  • Tony Luckett, Peter Luckett & Sons Area Board Vice President
  • Paul Morris, FESSA Projects Ltd – National Board Member
  • Arthur McArdle, Woodfield Building Services (Staffs) Ltd – Immediate Past National President 
  • Graham Urwin - Graline Construction Ltd
  • Windsor Powell, W J Powell Builders & Decorators 
  • David Smallcombe, David Smallcombe Ltd 
  • Martin Temple, James Wilkes Ltd 
  • Alan Foxon, Mr A Foxon 
  • Ian Winter, Lavish Construction Solutions Ltd 
  • Steve Hamilton, Seaton Construction 
  • Tony Hateley, TH Developments UK 
  • David Auld, Abbey & Lyndon 
  • Kevin Moane, Valley Property Developments Ltd

Co-opted members

  • Peter McHugh, Clarke Wilmott LLP 
  • Kathryn Poppitt, Graline Construction Ltd 

Northern Counties

  • Mark Lucas, A S Crocker (Plasterers) Ltd – Area Board President
  • Michelle Radford, Radford Construction Services Ltd – National Board Member
  • Ian Watson, I S Building Maintenance 
  • Nigel Bennington, A & B Joinery 
  • Malcolm Iredale, Carrock Design Build Ltd 

Northern Ireland

  • Willie Moffitt, Moffitt & Robinson Construction Ltd – Area Board President
  • Gavin Dynes, John Dynes & Son – Area Board Vice President
  • Mark Gribbin, Setanta Construction Ltd – National Board Member
  • Paul Collins, Marlfield Joinery and Construction Ltd 
  • Stephen Beck, Fitzwilliam Heritage and Restoration Limited 
  • Neil Ferguson, Energystore Ltd
  • Ian Lowry, Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Ltd 
  • Sam Rogers, S Rogers Construction 
  • Eric Lyttle, Eric Lyttle 
  • Connaire McGreevy, CTS Projects Ltd
  • Steven Nickell, Nickell & Richmond 
  • Aiden McCabe, AMAC Building Ltd 
  • Robert McKelvey, R J McKelvey 
  • Sam Stewart, SS Builders

North West

  • John Pass, JP Construction (Cheshire) Ltd – Area Board President
  • Rob Clark, Broadfield Construction Ltd – Area Board Vice President and National Board Member
  • Ian Henderson, Hende Building Services Limited 
  • Jim McKechnie, J B M Contractors 
  • Len Evans, D L Evans & Sons Ltd 
  • Vicki Lorains, East Cheshire Joinery Ltd 
  • Zak McCombie, McCombie Construction Ltd
  • Rick Ogden, ABS Construction Services Ltd 
  • Charles O’Kell, UK Pro-Build Ltd 

Co-opted member

  • Aivars Jerjomins, ABS Construction


  • Alastair Raitt, HM Raitt & Sons Ltd – Area Board President and National Board Member
  • Lee Cairns, Thistle Trade Group Ltd – Area Board Vice President
  • Ronnie Pennycook, RS Pennycook
  • Jim Gilmour, ODC Ltd 
  • Robert Wilson, Wilson Decorators
  • Peter Tait, DITT Construction Ltd 
  • Willie McEwan, McEwan Property Management 
  • Theresa Brown, Young Wilson & Cunningham Ltd 
  • Ryan Fair, George Fair Joiners & Contractors 
  • Stuart Livingstone, Stuart Livingstone Joinery Ltd
  • Pamela Wilson, Kevin Wilson Joiners and Building Contractors  
  • Peter Archibald, Haldane Construction Services Ltd 
  • Angus Reid-Evans, Spey Building & Joinery Ltd 

Co-opted member

  • Colin Mcinnes, Mcinnes Construction Services

Southern Counties

  • Maddy Uren, Apli Construction – Area Board President
  • Geoff Anderson, Anderson Contractors Ltd Area Board Vice President
  • Phillip Hall, Hall Construction - National Board Member
  • Jim Barton, Emsworth Builders
  • Martin Fosbrook, Biocraft Ltd
  • Ray Leiper, R L Designs Ltd t/a Renovations (Bournemouth) Ltd
  • Mark Taylor, Applefields Ltd 
  • Terry Vinn, Totus Construction Ltd 
  • Gareth Daniel, G Daniel Building & Maintenance Ltd 
  • John Ford, Build My Home Ltd 
  • Spencer Ellis, Kent Building & Construction 
  • Grant Harrison, Majengo Ltd 
  • Kelley Malcher, Refresh Renovations
  • Peter Atkins, AS Homes and Construction UK Ltd

Co-opted members

  • Neville / David Short, R Short & Sons

South West

  • Ben Lang, Stonewood Builders Ltd – Area Board President
  • Nathan Sheppard, Saltford Building Services Ltd – Area Board Vice President
  • Alli Gay, CHI Homes – National Board Member
  • Gareth Guiver, Distinction Property Services Ltd
  • Trevor Thorn, Thorn Homes Ltd
  • Paul Collings, P C Builders Ltd 
  • Joseph Cole, All Build Developments Ltd 
  • John Dunster, Benchmark Building Solutions Ltd 
  • Tomasz Bialoskorski, Cotswolds Home Makeovers Limited
  • Stewart Summers, SW Summers Builders

  • Ken Farnham, Farnham Bros - Honorary

Co-opted members

  • Richard Jones, Builders Merchants Federation


  • Rory McGuire, McGuires Plumbing and Building Services – Area Board President
  • Russell Everett, Excel Home Design Ltd – Area Board Vice President
  • Graham Williams, D R Williams (Felinwnda) Cyf / Ltd – National Board Member
  • Paul Tedder, Atlantic Dwellings Ltd 
  • Carwyn Jones, Jones Construction Ltd 
  • Ken Pearson, Bluestone Builders Ltd 
  • Madog Davies, Tŷ Davies Group Cyfyngedig 
  • Gareth Jones, UK Leisure Living Ltd 
  • Gary Lewis, G J Residential
  • Mark Roberts, Roberts Construction 
  • Nigel Burbage, N B Interiors & Construction 
  • Tom Creed, Greenacre Property Group
  • Caryl Thomas, Sparkles Property Solutions Ltd

Yorkshire and Trent

  • Robin Atherton, Mack Construction – Area Board President
  • Aiden Cropper, IPSUM (UK) Ltd  Area Board Vice President
  • Chris Carr, Carr & Carr (Builders) Ltd – National Board Member
  • Paula Thompson, York Ltd 
  • Andy Lynch, Lynch Construction 
  • Dave Bentley, PD&S Bentley Property 
  • Mick Quickfall, M J Quickfall Builders Ltd 
  • Duncan Fuller, Enjoy Building Ltd 
  • Lee Clayton, Wizard Builders 
  • Philip Lyne, NRC Services Ltd 
  • Garry Hodgson, Aston Bespoke Developments 
  • Anton Richards, W A Richards Contractor Limited 

Co-opted member

  • Derek Whitehead, Leeds College of Building 

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the FMB and ensuring the FMB achieves its strategic objectives as agreed by the Board of Directors. Read more about the members of the Senior Management Team.

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