Upon leaving school, I made the decision to enter the building industry as an apprentice bricklayer. Not to restrict myself to the one trade. I completed my apprenticeship with a respected builder, renowned for his quality and customer relations. I worked with the same company until 2012, when I decided to for fill a burning desire to travel.
Traveling took me to many far and wide places. One of which was Australia, where I continued to work within the commercial sector. After over a year of learning news skills and techniques, and how the other side of the industry operate. I decided to continue my travels, and head to New Zealand. When traveling new Zealand I became fascinated by the country and the history of the Maori traditions.
After further travels I then returned home, and entered back into work life. After several months of working for other people, and thinking this is not for me. I decided to go at it alone. Needing a new name, and something that was personal and that stands out.

I came up with Kawa Construction. The word Kawa is shortened from the word Kawakawa Pounamu. Pounamu is a greenstone native to New Zealand and held in high regards within the Maori traditions, and is said to bring luck when only offered as a gift. Which I have worn around my neck since traveling new Zealand, and now I offer Kawa Construction’s services.


  • Building
  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Conversions
  • Roofing
  • Groundworks
  • Door & Window Fitting

Trades offered

Structural repairs and alterations
Structural steelwork
Builder general
Patios and Driveways
General extension
Brick work
Carpenter and Joiner
General carpentry
Roofing general
Slate/Tiled roofing
Kitchen installation