Customer testimonials

15 Jun 2018

We employed Moffitt and Robinson to carry out this build and, as we knew it would be, the build was a great success. Their passion for sustainable construction and providing a well-built comfortable home is common knowledge in the local area and indeed province wide. This building sits very comfortably within our existing sustainable environment and the delight of the occupants is testament to the effort and attention to detail shown by the company. \the energy efficiency of the building is excellent and it has not added to the running costs of the district heating system they are so good. We are delighted the timber frame used has now been certified as a building component by the Passive House in Germany. Due to the success of the building we are looking to extend the retirement area with another set of chalets, and the wider Camphill Community in the province are also looking at using this format to enhance their own communities. If all homes were built to this standard we could dramatically reduce to the overall running costs and greatly enhance the health of our residents and staff. - Anya

Omagh Co. Tyrone

15 Jun 2018

We cannot praise Moffitt and Robinson enough for the quality of the home they have built for us. They helped us make the decision not renovate the existing dwelling, but to build the Passive House using timber frame. One of the best decisions we have made. We now have a beautiful home, which is comfortable throughout. The ventilation system has been an eye opener to us, the freshness of the indoor air is amazing, as I suffer from asthma I find this has greatly eased my condition. The running costs are remarkable, just £70 for one year oil and electric at £35 a month which includes the light for the farm buildings. The level of sound control with the triple glazed windows means that I am no longer woken up in the mornings with the neighbour's lorry going past. Really glad I went for the triple glazing and timber frame as they provide a fantastic sound reduction Looking forward to enjoying a long retirement in our new home. - Jim

Dromore Co. Tyrone