"You've been around. You know you can always get a cheaper price - somewhere. But at what price? You take the risk and what do you end up with? Budget and timing overruns. Defective products sloppy workmanship hanging around waiting for products or subcontractors to turn up. And then it's down to you to chase it all up. It's your time and money being wasted your dreams dashed your reputation damaged.
The Passmore Group have seen these sorts of situations too often. It's seeing the damage the heartache they can cause that has lead us to determine that our business approach is based on dependability. For us ""You can depend on us"" is not just a marketing line; it is a belief that drives all we do.
Our Building Services Division -MoreBuild- exists to provide just that. To provide you with assurance peace of mind - call it what you will. We call it ""Dependability.""
We provide a whole range of Building Services from total project management and delivery to single specialist projects. We've done '000's. We do them fast. We do them all ourselves. We've been doing them since the 1960's so we know we've got the experience and expertise.
At the centre of the way we do business is our drive not just to meet expectations but to surpass them. To have our customers feel they can 'depend on us' - and to justify their belief. We know we do this. Just check the letters of reference they tell the story better than we ever couldSo if Dependability matters to you as much as it does to you then we're your sort of company.
We carry out works by all the major trades - plumbing bricklaying joinery and carpentry plastering tiling heating roofing electrical and groundworking."
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Trades offered

Builder general
Insurance Work (Fire/Flood/Damage)
Handyman and maintenance
Garage conversions
General extension
Bathroom fitter
Carpenter and Joiner
General carpentry
House Builder
New build
Custom/Self Build

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Passmore's come to the aid of 2 year old Lyall

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