Director Alan Bradshaw was the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Midland region at the 2017 Regional Master Builder Awards.
Three Pines Building Co. Limited is a multi-skilled construction organisation offering quality services to a diverse range of clients throughout the UK. The company was established in 1961 in Wolverhampton.
We gain our work through positive and competitive tendering based on previous successes, building personal relationships with companies and clients, understanding our clients' needs and priorities, striving for innovation in the solutions we develop, and most importantly delivering what and when we promise within timescales and budgets.
Our Strategic Aims:
Three Pines aim to deliver the highest level of provision and performance for our clients. Our aim is to build long term client/supplier partnerships based on trust and to deliver long term sustainable growth in turnover and profits providing a stimulating and rewarding work environment for our employees.
The achievement of our aims is supported through our people being proactive to meet and exceed client needs and provide operational excellence.
Our Values:
Every one of our employees is a business ambassador, not just for the company but also for each other. We expect everyone in the company to adhere to our values and expectations. These are:
Quality - of the utmost importance in a customer focused business
Teamwork - working collaboratively and sharing knowledge and experience to deliver the best solutions
Performance - being professional and adopting the best practice to meet clients' highest expectations, whilst achieving the highest possible standings in terms of quality, health, safety and sustainability
Openness - listening and sharing; building trust and acting with integrity; treating others with respect and working with transparency
Innovation - encouraging our team to be inventive and continually adapting and introducing fresh approaches to all aspects of our business
Respect - encouraging, supporting and understanding others, including their ideas, views and knowledge
Our services:
Three Pines has over 50 years’ experience within the UK construction industry, and was established by David Bradshaw who specialised in school maintenance, small private works and speculative house building. The current Managing Director, Alan Bradshaw joined the company in 1981 after serving a 3 year carpentry apprenticeship with McAlpine, and took the reigns in 1995.
We are a profitable business whose success is built on quality service from all of our employees and directors. Our clients now fall broadly, but not exclusively, into the following categories: educational establishments, military, museums, car retailers, private homes’ extensions, disabled adaptations, historic building restoration, building maintenance, building repairs, new builds, landscaping and ground works.
We offer a dedicated level of service to all of our clients, whether Commercial, Public or Domestic. Our services include:
Groundworks & Excavation
Restoration & Maintenance
Response management
Refurbishment and renovation
Disabled conversions
Decorating & Exterior Landscaping
Fixtures and Fittings

Trades offered

Commercial builder
Maintenance Contracts
Local Council Work
Handyman and maintenance
Builder general
General extension
House Builder
Custom/Self Build
New build
Disabled/elderly home adaptation
Accessible Kitchens
Accessible Bathrooms

Case studies

Glider Training Accommodation Building, Little Rissington Airfield, Warwickshire

  • 20 Nov 2017

Commercial Refurbishment - Audi Halesowen

  • 20 Nov 2017

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