For those who can spare an hour of their time on Thursday 22 April at 12.30pm, FMB Northern Ireland are offering a virtual presentation by the Lighthouse Club on their work, provided free of charge and without prejudice.  

The purpose of this meeting is to raise awareness of what they do. Each company or group can decide personally if this is something they are keen to support without pressure to do so. Details on how to join the meeting are below.

Reflections on a tough year for the construction industry

There is no doubt the last year has been an added strain on the emotional and physical wellbeing of us all. It is important in normal times to make sure we are all looking after our mental health, as well as our physical health. It is arguably even more important when life gets turned on its head.

When we reflect on the industry we work within, sadly every working day we lose two construction workers to suicide in the UK and Ireland. It is harrowing to think about that fact.

We are all morally responsible to take action to help improve this horrendous statistic. Just reflect on the impact on children, families, and fellow workers of such an outcome. But reflect too on what may have led someone to such a drastic action. Can we help those we work with and around us more? How can we pull together as an industry and what resources are available to help families and individuals cope with the strains of life currently?

As a membership organisation, we are mindful of the needs of individuals and companies. But we also reflect that the Construction Industry is a wider family, and we need to pull together on this. With that collaborative approach in mind, we announced our support for The Lighthouse Club, the Construction Industry Charity.

Lighthouse Charity Support

The charity provides free emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing support to construction workers and their families in the UK and Ireland. Support services include a 24/7 confidential Construction Industry Helpline, a self-help app, and proactive wellbeing training to help build emotional resilience to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Zoom meeting details