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Times are hard enough if you’re in business; once you’ve factored your energy cost into the equation things can look even bleaker. Whether you have one office or several, your energy spend is likely to be a high proportion of your company costs.

Utilitywise has partnered with the Federation of Master Builders to offer you a comprehensive energy management service.

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Utilitywise can cover every aspect of your energy use, from helping get you the right energy deal to analyzing and reducing your consumption.

Utilitywise Products and Services

Energy Procurement

Account Care: Utilitywise will look after your energy requirements and make sure you get a great deal from your supplier. Our consultants will examine your energy consumption and make sure you’re being charged the right amount. We’ll also look at your energy bills, your existing meters, and the data held by your energy supplier to make sure that every detail is correct.

Carbon Zero: You can make your business energy carbon neutral by carbon offsetting your business gas and electricity usage through Utilitywise.

Energy Monitoring and Control

Edd:e: Hook Edd:e up to a distribution board and this advanced energy monitoring system will monitor every circuit, providing you with an in-depth understanding of your energy usage.

Energy Health Check: Utilitywise can analyse your business energy usage with their specialist software and compare it against a national database of similar properties and businesses.

Utility Insight:

Energy Reduction

Energy Audit: A full review of your premises, conducted by teams of qualified and accredited energy surveyors. The Energy Audit will help you begin to make practical changes to your business that will really reduce your energy consumption.

Ecofit: The Utilitywise Ecofit team can fit a range of energy saving devices and equipment into industrial and commercial properties.

Carbon Management Services

Carbon Footprinting: Utilitywise can calculate your business’ carbon footprint by analysing things like your gas and electricity usage, and considering the impact of things like your transport costs.

Carbon Management Programmes: Designed to help you manage your carbon emissions with the production of a carbon plan.

Interim Carbon Management: If you have nobody on staff dedicated to carbon management, Utilitywise can supply the necessary expertise until you do.

Legislative Compliance

Air Conditioning Inspections: If your air conditioning system has a rated output above 12kW, you need an Air Conditioning (AC) Inspections – it is a legal requirement.

Climate Change Agreements: Utilitywise can help you enter into a Carbon Change Agreement (CCA), and can help you reduce your Climate Change Levy (CCL). If you have already entered into a CCA Utilitywise can monitor your energy use and help you hit your reduction targets.

Display Energy Certificates: Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are required for all buildings frequently visited by the public over 1,000m².

Energy Performance Certificates: Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required for all commercial properties when constructed, rented or sold.

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Utilitywise can help you deal with this complex legislation.

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