In the run up to Christmas 2021, we’re encouraging others to help make a difference for construction workers and their families by making a donation to our official charity partner, The Lighthouse Club, as part of our 12 Days of Light campaign.

Looking back on what has been another challenging year for the industry and for all of those who work within it, it’s important to remember that not everybody can look forward to a fun, stress-free festive period.

Why support The Lighthouse Club?

The Lighthouse Club is the only charity to provide financial, physical and emotional support to the construction community and their families. The charity’s mission is to ensure that no construction worker or their family should ever be alone in a crisis.

The charity provides a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline which is the first point of contact to access a range of completely free and confidential support services including;

  • Emergency Financial aid to construction families in crisis
  • Advice on welfare and mental wellbeing
  • Support on legal, tax and debt management matters

Their free Construction Industry App offers valuable information, advice and guidance on a variety of wellbeing issues including stress, anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts. The charity also offers a variety of MHFA England approved Mental Health First Aider courses as well as interactive Masterclass Presentation sessions aimed at helping attendees to recognise and manage work-associated stress.

We are proud to be a supporter of the Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity, which was chosen by FMB National President Jan Etchells as our national charity partner for the duration of her tenure.

How you can make a difference

Through our 12 Days of Light campaign, which runs from 1 – 12 December 2021, we’re aiming to help spread awareness of the wide range of free support services available and to call for donations to support the work of The Lighthouse Club to continue to provide these services.

Over 12 days we’ll be sharing key facts on the nature of mental health challenges facing UK builders and information on how to access valuable support offered by The Lighthouse Club, which has helped 2,495 construction families so far in 2021 and provided a total of £1.25million of charitable support.

Keep your eyes peeled for our posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Get involved by making a donation, sharing the posts with your friends, colleagues or family members if you think they could benefit, or contacting The Lighthouse Club if you feel you need more information on any of the topics we cover.

You’re not alone: call the Construction Industry Helpline

It’s not always obvious when our colleagues are in need of support, and it can be difficult to ask for help. This Christmas, let’s all make an effort to listen to those around us and be there for those who need to talk. Remember; if you or somebody you know is struggling, the Construction Industry Helpline is always available 24/7 on 0345 609 1956.

Spread environmentally friendly festive cheer with a Christmas E-card

Choose from three Lighthouse Club Christmas E-cards designs

The Lighthouse Club’s 2021 E-card campaign is another opportunity to support the charity by making a donation and choosing from three new e-card designs, to share with your colleagues, customers and suppliers. It’s a great way to send your well-wishes without negatively impacting the environment with excess paper or transport for postage.

Make sure to place your orders by 16 December!


Help The Lighthouse Club continue to support our industry

We hope you'll help us to make a difference by supporting our efforts to raise money for The Lighthouse Club and provide vital support to construction workers and their families, especially at a time that can be particularly difficult for some. 

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