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Bpsch Range MeasureOn app

Connected laser measures with the MeasureOn app.

We know human-error as well as errors in data-recording are a considerable risk to the efficiency of your project. From the loss of stray pieces of paper recording important measurements to a slight misread of the results from your measuring tool – these seemingly small mistakes can result in costly consequences.

How can I reduce the risk of error?

Measurement information displayed on a smartphone
View key information displayed on your smartphone

Having all your data organised in one place can help to minimise the risk of human error and optimise the reliability of your results. The Bosch MeasureOn achieves this and more. This means no more unorganised measurement records such as photos, notes, and loose scraps of paper – it can all be conveniently stored on your app. Additionally, with the ability to create floorplans with exact measurements and photos on the app, there is no room for human error, misread measurements or miscalculations.

How can the Bosch MeasureOn app save me time?

MeasureOn app Bosch
Data is easily accessible on the jobsite as well as at home with synchronisation across multiple devices.

Your data becomes easily accessible on the jobsite as well as at home with synchronisation of your data across multiple devices on the cloud. Compared to the alternative of attempting to share floor plans and measurements documented by hand on paper, you can simply export your data to colleagues, other contractors, or clients. The app centralises this process and saves valuable time. Implementing the app into your workday will mean less time sharing your work as the exporting process is made easy.

How does it work in application?

Bosch MeasureOn app camera viewfinder
The view finder feature uses a real time camera view to help ensure the laser point is always on target when you're measuring.

For example, the Bosch GLM 150-27 C paired with the Bosch app can receive measurements from the tool directly via Bluetooth or USB connection to a PC. One feature is the camera viewfinder. Designed to tackle one of our most frequent consumers complaints: “I can’t see the laser point!”, we introduced a real time camera view to ensure that the laser point is always on target while you measure, helping to eliminate errors. The tool can then deliver reliable results with the viewfinder.

Following this, you can connect the GLM 150-27 C to the Bosch MeasureOn app to upload the images recorded as well as the measurements taken via Bluetooth, either on-site or from the office. You can then create the floorplans and records required for the project. Next, simply export the data you wish to share to those who need it.

For further details and answers to any questions you may have about how to use the GLM 150-27 C and the MeasureOn app in your day-to-day, visit the Bosch UK Pro Website. Bosch power tools | Bosch Professional (bosch-professional.com)


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