Your unique experiences as a builder and business owner are invaluable. Join our area teams, influence our future and extend your network.

Member-led governance

What does ‘member-led’ really mean? It means that our strategies and decisions are not dictated by shareholders or distant executives. Our legal directors, our ‘National Board’, are your fellow members. They are builders, they run their own businesses, and they all experience the same challenges as you. This special governance model ensures that the FMB’s actions reflect the real needs of the SMEs in the construction industry.

What are Area Boards?

Across the UK, the FMB is represented by 10 Area Boards made up of members. The National Board features an elected representative from each of them.

Area Boards play a crucial role in shaping us because each area has unique challenges and opportunities. This structure ensures that voices come from different perspectives, ensuring that the national strategy is well-rounded and inclusive.

A welcome from the Central Area Board

Our Central Area Board is friendly, collaborative and actively discussing initiatives that directly benefit our members. A current project we're excited about is exploring ways to help members access CITB funds more easily; something that can provide tangible support for your business growth.

As well as our upcoming regular meetings, we also have plans to visit the National Brownfield Institute and their cutting-edge technology, much of which is available without charge to members. We’re also organising a VIP Day at the Installer Show, for networking and learning.

Coming from a diverse group of businesses, with different specialisms and of differing sizes, we are passionate about making a tangible difference and are looking for new members to join us!

So why you?

Because your experiences as a builder and business owner are invaluable. The FMB needs members who are passionate, insightful, and ready to make a difference. Whether you're from a small local firm or a larger operation, your contribution is vital.

What’s the commitment?

Our Central Area Board meets for around half a day, five times a year. There are further optional opportunities, but your core commitment is just to the five dates.

How to join

If you are interested in the Central Area Board, applications open in February. I'm here to chat, answer your questions, and help guide you through the application process.

However, it's not just the Central Area gearing up for the AGM season. All our Area Boards are preparing for this important time. If you're based in another region and want to get involved, please contact your local director. They’ll be delighted to hear from you and you’ll find their details on our Where We Operate page.

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Nicola De Sousa

Nicola De Sousa

Central Director

Nicola has a wealth of first-hand knowledge of construction matters, having been at the helm of an FMB member company for nearly 20 years.