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The People's Pension

Are you a construction worker with more pension pots than you have tools? Fear not, for combining those retirement accounts can bring benefits taller than The Shard!

Instead of hunting for documents like a contractor chasing after his lost blueprints, you’ll have all your pensions neatly organised in one pot with The People’s Pension. It’s all about constructing a well-built foundation for your golden years. Plus, by combining your pensions you may pay lower fees and have extra cash for that well-deserved post-retirement holiday, possibly to a beach where the only hammering you’ll hear is from a margarita being shaken, not a nail being driven. It’s time to build a brighter future, one pension pot at a time!

What are the benefits?

  • One pot to rule them all – combining your pension pots into one means no more scattered pots to keep track of – just a single precious pot to rule your golden years!
  • Fee slayer – by merging your pension pots, you’ll eradicate any sneaky fees. You would only have one set of fees with The People’s Pension.
  • Simplicity – instead of navigating through a labyrinth of paperwork and statements with separate pensions, combining them creates a clear and simple path to retirement. It’s like finding a well-marked exit sign in a maze of construction sites. Your future self will thank you for the easy breezy journey!
  • Retirement harmony – when your pension pots combine into one big happy family, it’s like having an expert construction crew working seamlessly together.

Before you decide, you might consider:

  • your personal circumstances
  • the nature of your other pension arrangements
  • whether you’re planning to access your pension savings in the next 5 years
  • whether you could be giving up a guaranteed benefit – like guaranteed annuity rates
  • whether the provider you’re transferring from charges

I’ve lost my old pension details

Don’t worry, your money will still be there, but you might have to track it down. The government’s Pension Tracing Service is free and can help you find them.

Why transfer to The People’s Pension?

Six million+ people trust The People’s Pension to grow and protect £20 billion of their savings. So, The People’s Pension is where construction workers can build their retirement dreams.

We know workers can handle heavy lifting, so we offer pensions that can handle heavy savings. Over 100,000 employers are with The People’s Pension and the transferring process is quick and simple. In just a few clicks of a mouse, you can start consolidating all your pensions into one pot.

Beware of pension scams

In the world of construction, where steel beams reach for the sky and florescent vests are the height of fashion, even pension plans can become a source of tears. Beware, for lurking amidst the jackhammers and blueprints are pension scams more devious than a cement mixer filled with banana peels.

Remember, a well-built pension plan is like a sturdy scaffold, built on trust, transparency and actual funds – not smoke, mirrors and inflatable palm trees. So, construction workers need to keep their wits about them. Look out for red flags and don’t hand over your hard-earned cash to a smooth-talking charlatan. After all, when it comes to pensions, the only laughter we want is the sound of joyous retirement, not the echoing cackles of a scam artist!

Find out more about pension scams.

Lay the foundations now!

We all know that building a house requires a well laid foundation. It’s the same when it comes to planning your dream retirement. It’s never too late to transfer your pensions into one pot. Find out more.


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