The #NotJustForBoys Champions’ campaign unites construction industry groups and individuals to help change the image of construction to be a more inclusive sector for women and girls to work in.

It is an initiative to support the wider work of the WOMEN’STEC charity and a collaboration FMB NI see as a powerful tool to encourage more females to look at our Industry and see the fantastic career options that are available.

We are aware through our members’ feedback that there remains a skills gap in the construction industry and a programme that reaches out to underrepresented sections of our community is very welcome. We appreciate that for many years construction has perhaps been viewed as a male-dominated Industry and that it takes time to change some of those perceptions.

Providing school visits, mentoring programs, on-site skills and positive role models will help adjust that balance and encourage a new generation of skilled females in a variety of roles.

The campaign is focused on enhancing the skills and confidence of participants, empowering them to realise their full potential.

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Simone McAllister, BDE for FMB in NI said:

"I feel that FMB working with WOMEN’STEC is a great collaboration in mapping the way for a more inclusive and adaptable industry. It will allow anyone with an interest in construction to start their career doing exactly what they want to do and, not just what society think they should do. In a constantly growing industry with a skills shortage this can only be a good thing for construction by providing a new and fresh perspective of how the industry is shaped."

Lisa McCaul, Social Enterprise Manager with WOMEN’STEC said:

"We are delighted to be working with FMB on the #NotJustForBoys Champions initiative. We know there is a skills shortage and that the industry need to access a wider pool of labour. Partnerships with the industry, schools and colleges are key to the success of this campaign and we encourage industry, particularly across sectors where women are underrepresented to become a #NotJustForBoys Champion. The more advocates we have, the greater the impact will be."

Get involved

So, how can you be a #NotJustForBoys Champion or get involved in the programs?  We would encourage all FMB members here in NI to work with us in this year ahead, looking out for any initiatives or events that we would love members to help with. Why not consider signing up as an individual or business as a champion and let us know how you are getting on?

To find out more about opportunities, check out the website www.notjustforboys.org and use the hashtag #notjustforboys on all your social media.


Gavin McGuire

Gavin McGuire

Director, FMB Northern Ireland, Federation of Master Builders