Featuring Homebuilding and Renovating Show's host Michael Holmes and Master Builders Robin Atherton of Mack Construction and Gary Finnie of Caledonian Building & Landscaping Ltd.

Good planning is key to developing a productive partnership between you and your builder, and to ultimately delivering a successful home renovation project. In this session our Master Builders reflect on the most common mistakes they see with respect to these projects and offer their insights into how best to avoid them. Key questions considered by the panel include:

  • What can homeowners do to mitigate cost overuns and ensure they're getting a realistic quote?
  • How much can you rely on ballpark estimates given in advance of a detailed quote?
  • Should you continue to live in a home that is being renovated?
  • How can you set a realistic works schedule for your builder to follow?
  • What is most important advice you can offer to someone looking to renovate or extend their home?

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