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FMB Annual Report 2022-2023

The successes of the FMB were acknowledged externally last year with five national awards – three for our Master Builder Awards and two for being best trade association. This is the most we have won in a single year and is a wonderful inditement of all the work of both staff and members working together in support of the FMB’s three year strategic plan, ‘Building for Success’.

The FMB has over recent years been committed to raising standards in the building industry which has involved tightening our own entry criteria resulting in up to 20% of all applications being rejected. All FMB member companies are now independently inspected and comply with the FMB Code of Conduct which is subject to continuous revision to ensure it remains credible and robust. To help support our members we have updated our contracts and introduced a new business coaching service. We have also continued to develop our webinar series as well as providing additional improvements to the FMB helpline.

As we look ahead the FMB is well placed to support and champion its members to take advantage of the new and emerging opportunities to ensure FMB members have credibility and influence. The future months will undoubtedly be challenging which is why the FMB’s presence continues to be relevant and needed to support the UK building industry. 

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