Hampton Construction Services Ltd, Central, Lovelace House, Solihull
Matt Jolley, Kristian Rowlands, and Richard Hawley of FMB member company Hampton Construction Services Ltd

I recently visited Matt Jolley, Kristian Rowlands, and Richard Hawley of FMB member company Hampton Construction Services Ltd at their Lovelace House development in Solihull. Their diverse expertise - spanning business, accounting, and over 3 decades in construction - is evident in the build and their approach to it.

Environmentally friendly construction

The innovative building techniques used at Lovelace House reflect Hampton’s respect for the natural environment. The most attractive house in a prestigious street, its Siberian Larch cladding and Anthra-Zinc roof are designed to blend into and complement the greenbelt area.

The build team, headed up by Construction Director Richard Hawley, faced the unique challenge of constructing without harming the mature, protected trees that tightly surround the building’s footprint and lend it established character. Their solution was to pile 10-deep foundations to ensure the trees’ roots remain undisturbed.

The steel-framed roof, assembled on the ground and then craned into place, is a notable engineering accomplishment and highlights the team's precise attention to detail. The design also includes an innovative approach to guttering, minimising the number of outlets to prevent leaf blockage and preserve the clean lines of the structure.

Bespoke interior features

Hampton Construction Services Ltd, Central, Lovelace House, Solihull
This oak staircase was amongst the many bespoke features produced by the builder's manufacturing facility in the Midlands.

The interior features a range of quality finishes including the immaculately polished concrete across two floors, a bespoke oak staircase, Crittall doors, and a bespoke kitchen. All of Hampton Construction Services Ltd’s kitchens are designed and crafted by their in-house team. Kristian Rowlands, the Managing Director, adds insight into this aspect of their business, ‘We have a large kitchen manufacturing facility in the Midlands and work with kitchen showrooms, large developers, and homeowners across the country.’

This approach enables Hampton Construction Services to maintain high standards on their own projects by managing most of their work internally, but also demonstrates how having different strands to a business creates strength. This diversity allows them to cater to various sectors and ensures adaptability and resilience in their business model.

The value of SME developers

Nicola de Sousa, FMB Central Hub Director, comments on the broader context: ‘Projects like Lovelace House exemplify the exceptional work of FMB members, who are predominantly SMEs. Small developers play a crucial role in our market, producing high-quality homes that focus on more than just the bottom line. They are instrumental in redeveloping brownfield sites and adding value to our communities. Supporting and growing the number of small developers is vital, as they often lead the way in delivering projects that truly meet the needs of homeowners and reflect the locality.’

Project pictures from Lovelace House



Nicola De Sousa

Nicola De Sousa

Central Director

Nicola has a wealth of first-hand knowledge of construction matters, having been at the helm of an FMB member company for nearly 20 years.