Whether you’re planning your nursery ahead of time and leaving the gender reveal to the last moment, you’re against reinforcing gender stereotypes or simply hate the colour pink, these gender neutral nursery ideas will help you plan the perfect room for your new-born!

  • Nautical and nice

The nautical look is a great theme for a nursery for any child. We've seen some lovely sea themed bedrooms – one including a tiny armchair for a toddler! You can imagine a child enjoying a chair whilst looking at picture books or building a Duplo structure. The finishing touch can be a feature wall painted to look like a view over the sea – delightful.

  • Let the toys do the talking

Kids get gifted toys, so, so many toys, and they tend to be bright, vivid colours. If you’re going with a plain colour like white, shelves of colourful toys can look fantastic and it’s all extra storage space!

  • Keep calm and choose grey

Grey might not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think about decorating a child’s room, but it’s the perfect neutral tone that complements any colour palette, and can be incredibly soothing if you choose the right shade. Colour accents look great with a grey theme, and you could alter the tone of the room easily simply by changing the colour of any accessories.

  • Whimsical woodlands: this year’s hottest choice

The woodland theme is gender neutral and adorable. Children grow up playing with animal teddies and toys, so why not bring them to life with an animal themed bedroom! Toys can become part of the décor,  there are plenty of ways to incorporate the theme in the colours of the room and wooden accessories, and there are many fantastic decals available. We love the idea of using potted plants to keep the look flowing.

  • Minimalism for your mini-me

Fancy a trendy, Scandinavian-inspired minimalist bedroom for your new baby? This nursery style can combine a minimalist monochrome look with comfort and subtle patterns. How cool must the baby who sleeps and plays in this room be?!

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