The CITB provides grants for construction industry employers who provide training for their workforce. Their grants scheme helps the industry maintain high standards, making sure your people are being trained in the right skills for the industry to thrive.

CITB Skills and Training Fund graphic

CITB Skills and Training Fund allocations

You can now apply twice in every 12 months, upon completion of any previous funding applications. Which means double the benefits and access to training. If you would like to speak to your local advisor to find out more, please check out the website for their details.



Caroline Meehan

Caroline Meehan

FMB North Hub Director, Federation of Master Builder (FMB)

Caroline Meehan is the Northern Regional Director at the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Since joining the FMB in February 2018, Caroline has successfully grown the Northern boards and introduced several key strategies to increase member engagement through the North and UK.  She has strengthened relationships with LABC to encourage a stronger partnership between both FMB and LABC and now sits on several committees and Boards, such as Leeds College of Building, Vice Chair of Construction Alliance North East, Working Well Together N&W Yorkshire and NE and Health and Safety groups. Prior to working for the FMB, Caroline lived and worked in Australia where she founded a not for profit charity, Heartfelt Homes. Heartfelt Homes provides an essential accommodation service to regional and rural families across Australia when they have a critically ill or injured loved one admitted to a city hospital far from home. Caroline won several awards for her work and was nominated for the pride of Australia medal.