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Over the years many manufacturers within the power tool industry have aimed to improve user accuracy and efficiency while others aim to keep those in the trade safer while working. There are several innovations that Bosch Professional have introduced and refined over the years that work to make a Professional’s life easier and safer.

These features fall under Bosch Connectivity and Bosch PROtection technology with many tools in the Bosch Professional range incorporating multiple aspects of both.

Bluetooth connectivity

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Many tradespeople have been operating power tools for years without the use of Bluetooth connectivity. It is easy to think you don’t need it on a power tool but here are some reasons how Bosch can make your work life easier:

  • With the free Bosch Toolbox App, you can easily configure your tool based on your individual needs and save the settings for future tasks. Providing your tool contains a “C” (e.g. GBH 18V-36 C) in the name and has the GCY 42 Bluetooth module fitted, many additional settings are available for you to benefit from.
  • The connectivity allows for the remote control of various products. For example, the range of connected lights allow you to switch on or off multiple lights with just the touch of a button. Within the measuring tools range, you can control remote mounts to adjust laser settings when the device is not easily accessible.
  • On other tools such as circular saws, mitre saws and angle grinders, you can set the rotation speed to the material you are cutting or grinding as well as ensuring you do not exceed the maximum speed on accessories. With SDS rotary hammers and impact drivers / wrenches you can dial in custom power for more control or limit the tightening torque of the tool to accurately repeat the same fastening torque providing consistency in many different materials.
  • On tools such as the GSR/GSB 18v-150C the use of Electronic Angle Detection (EAD) custom settings would not be possible without the ability to connect and adjust using the toolbox app.

Hazard PROtection

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We know working in hazardous conditions can cause injury if tools are not used correctly. Accidents do happen and long-term work-related illnesses can be a real problem for those in the trades.

Bosch Protection refers to the wide range of Bosch technologies that provide health benefits in the short and long term.

Even when holding the product correctly, many modern tools can pose a hazard simply because they are incredibly powerful. Kickback and Drop Control technology protect you during sudden jams that could cause serious injury. These tools feature a sensor that detects any sudden acceleration and automatically switches off the tool. Paddle switch grinders with momentary switches and X-Brake stop small angle grinder discs in under a second all to help reduce accidents at work. 

Vibration Control systems reduce the amount of vibration you receive during trigger time. Bosch does this with counterweights, energy re-direction and floating decoupled handles. This means you can work longer with reduced risk of conditions like hand-arm vibration syndrome or White finger.

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Lastly, Bosch offers a range of dust management solutions. Everything you work with will produce dust that, if not controlled will damage health. Bosch has numerous dust prevention products from wall mounted to tool integrated dust collectors to accessories like speed clean hollow drill bits, and m480 net sanding sheets. All with a range of L, M and H class dust extractors at the core.

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