In Wales, Shared Apprenticeship Schemes exist to provide employers with access to local apprentices on a short-term basis. In this webinar find out how your business could benefit from joining a program near you.

Taking on an apprentice full-time is often a challenge for small building firms. Full-time apprentices need to be consistently applying their chosen trade and due to the up-and-down nature and varied workload of small builders, this is not always possible.

Shared Apprenticeship Schemes work on a pay-as-you-go basis where employers can dip in and out of apprenticeship training as and when it suits them.

Need an apprentice stonemason for a three-month heritage project? Shared Apprenticeship Schemes can help. Need an apprentice bricklayer for a six-month new build project? Shared Apprenticeship Schemes can help.

On top of that, Shared Apprenticeship Scheme take out the hassle of liaising with your local college, of sorting out PPE, of acquiring a CSCS card etc.

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