Research by the HomeOwners Alliance found that it’s the little things that count in securing that all-important good first impression. Having windows and a roof in good condition matter the most to home buyers.

The good news is that you can give your home a fresh new feel, and tick the boxes for home buyers, from as little as £50. Check out our top ten kerb-tastic tasks to set your builder to work on (all example quotes are provided by a sample of FMB members).

Windows in good condition (71%)

The cost of repairing and redecorating wooden windows that have not been touched for a decade would be between £1,000 and £2,000. For upstairs windows, scaffolding may be required instead of a ladder and, if so, it typically costs £400 a day to rent.

A builder fitting a window

A roof that appears in good condition (no missing tiles) (68%)

Replacing five missing, loose or cracked roof tiles would cost around £190 and would take up to one day. Scaffolding may be needed.

Roofer tiling

A tidy front garden with no weeds and trimmed hedges (67%)

The cost of tidying an overgrown front garden would be around £150 for a day’s work.

Image of a gardener landscaping a garden

And also:
  • A well-maintained pathway/drive (59%) - Repairing and improving the pathway or drive up to the house could typically cost between £100 and £500 depending on the extent of the damage and the surface.

  • Well-maintained fences and walls (56%) - Repainting a fence costs about £90 per panel (including labour) while building a new fence could cost up to £1500, depending on the materials used. 

  • A well-decorated exterior (54%) - It would cost around £550 to repaint the front of a house. Scaffolding may be needed.

  • A well-maintained and attractive front door (52%) - Redecorating a front door would typically cost £200.

  • Clear functioning gutters (50%) - Clearing and repairing gutters would cost around £250. Scaffolding may be needed.

  • Hidden wheelie bins (36%) - A natural willow wheelie bin screen storage costs as little as £49.99.
  • A well-lit house (26%) - Adding an exterior light to the house can cost between £250 and £750 and should be completed by a qualified electrician.

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