The government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched the ‘Asbestos – Your Duty’ campaign to highlight the health-risks associated with asbestos in buildings, and to raise awareness within the construction industry about the legal duty to manage these risks.

The role of dutyholders

If you’re responsible for a building’s maintenance or repair, you have a legal role as a ‘dutyholder’ (as does the building’s owner or landlord) with accountability for asbestos assessment and management on site. It’s your obligation to ensure compliance with asbestos regulations and protect everyone in the building from the risks of exposure - whether they’re one of your co-workers, a subcontractor or are using the building in other ways.

This responsibility applies to the common areas of residential buildings, like lobbies, stairwells, lifts and lift-shafts, as well as public buildings including hospitals, schools, shops, offices and factories.

Download Asbestos - Your Duty resources
Download 'Asbestos - Your Duty' resources for your business. 

So, if you work in public buildings or buildings with communal areas, it’s a good idea to remind yourself about what to do. HSE recommends the following steps to comply with your legal duty:

  1. Find out if asbestos could be present in the building.
  2. Arrange an asbestos survey.
  3. Put a register together and assess the risks from the asbestos.
  4. Write up your asbestos management plan.
  5. Follow up by putting your plan into action.
  6. Monitor and communicate on a continual basis.

HSE’s ‘Asbestos – Your Duty’ campaign provides further resources to help you understand this role, including updated web pages, new templates (including an asbestos management plan template) and informative videos – all of which can be found on the HSE website.


Answer these simple questions to find out if it’s your legal duty to manage asbestos.


Find more information about your duty to manage asbestos on the HSE website.


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