Eco Tiffin Ltd is a Hertfordshire-based renovation and improvement company with 320 years’ experience in the industry. Director Robert Tiffin specialises in the defect repair and modernisation to old, historic and listed buildings. This often involves improving the energy efficiency performance of buildings and their EPC rating.

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Eco Tiffin was contacted by a client who wanted to improve the comfort of their grade II listed home in Hertfordshire. Robert conducted a thorough survey to detect any issues like penetrating rain and damp. A thermal imaging camera was also used, which is a non-invasive way of identifying where the property is losing heat.

All suggested improvements would help the client to have a warmer, draught-free home and lower energy bills.

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It was concluded that the house needed a roof renovation, after it was found to be structurally unsound. Improvements to the insulation were also needed, and extensive damp-related defects, as well as improved ventilation and repairs to the joinery and brickwork. All these measures would help to improve the overall performance of the home in accordance with a ‘whole house approach’ to retrofit.

As the property was a listed building, Robert liaised consistently with the local Conservation Officer to ensure that all the repairs were completed in line with regulations. This required original features, such as the existing timbers, to be preserved.

The renovated roof, with improved insulation, and fresh tiling, greatly improved the appearance of the property and made an important contribution to heat retention in the property. This meant that when the client turned the heating on, it kept the house warmer for longer.

A vapour-permeable masonry cream was also applied to the outer brickwork on the property, which is approved by the Energy Saving Trust, and improves the thermal performance of the property by around 27%.

The project took many months to complete, daily supervision and records were essential to ensuring that the project was completed successfully.

The client said: “The house was substantially improved that made it very warm and comfy. Lots of people have commented on how wonderful it looks now.”

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