Welton-based Master Builder company R Lange Construction Ltd has embarked on a 10-year sustainability challenge in a bid to offset waste produced in the build process.

Years of experience in the industry and first-hand knowledge of the waste it can produce helped inspire this commitment, as company director Ryan Lange explains:

“As builders, we are conscious that much of our work involves altering the natural environment and through this pledge we hope to give something back.”

Setting down his roots

Lange has been working in the UK construction industry for more than 15 years, establishing R Lange Construction after spending 10 years working for another local company. Later reflecting on his time in the industry, he came to realise just how much of an impact his work had on the surrounding environment:

“…while doing a large job it suddenly sunk in just how much timber, concrete and other natural resources we use. It all just hit me to be honest so I thought I really need to do something to help offset this.”

Lange has also noticed an increasingly large number of his customers asking about the measures his company takes to be more sustainable in their work.

“We try to reuse and recycle materials where possible, but we know this isn't enough. I wanted to do something to mitigate the impact our work has on the environment and planting trees seemed like the best way for us to do that,” says Lange.

The company has subsequently pledged to plant 5,000 trees over the next 10 years in a bid to give something back to mother nature.

Breaking ground

After discussing the initiative with the property's owner, the team began by planting 250 trees at Northampton’s Dodford Manor. The decision to plant the trees themselves was taken so that the team could be sure of exactly where they were situated, and Lange offered additional insight into their green-fingered goals as they broke ground in this video:

Building a greener future

Lange and his team are now committed to plant 500 trees per year in Daventry and the surrounding areas. “With this pledge we want to take things a step further and we are always open to new ways to make our business more climate friendly,” added Lange.

The company is now also implementing the following steps in their projects to make their business more sustainable:

  • Using a local skip firm that recycles 85% of their waste;
  • Implementing better insulation that is specifically designed to make sure the extensions / houses they build are as energy efficient as possible, helping their customers to reduce their carbon footprint; and
  • Hiring concrete crushers to process concrete, brick, and slab waste from demolitions into materials they can use for the build process, which reduces waste sent away from site and the frequency of delivery lorries, helping to cut vehicle emissions. Lange is so impressed by these crushers that he is considering purchasing one himself.

Decarbonising our homes

With the UK Government making a legal commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the FMB is campaigning for a national retrofit strategy and greater investment in green energy retrofit programs across the UK.

To find out more visit our campaigns page or contact our policy team today.