Mister & Missus Ltd undertook this comprehensive restoration and extension of a three-storey townhouse originally built in 1846 and owned by the same family for more than 60 years.


The property was beginning to show its age and was more or less derelict by the time work began. Whilst the structure itself was beautifully proportioned, it had undergone a great deal of superficial work and an extension carried out during the 1960s had removed some of the original features, with the owners also adding a staircase and a bedsit in the basement.


The client wanted to restore the property’s 19th century charm and create a sociable space with modern amenities; Mister & Missus didn’t disappoint.



The original brief called for the demolition and rebuilding of a wing of the house, but thanks to the team’s clever thinking and an inventive idea to support the concrete pad with thin strips of carbon fibre, resin-bonded to the concrete, a costly and wasteful demolition was avoided.


The team began with a mansard roof extension, then added to the existing ground floor extension. Then following a stroke of genius and some design changes, added a fourth floor to the closet wing extension; making it the first on the street to keep the wing subordinate but equal to the four floors of the main house. This added real value to the home as most closet wing extensions have one less floor than the main house, and in a valuable home with limited space every square foot makes a difference.


Mister & Missus Ltd arranged regular site visits for their clients and maintained excellent communication throughout the project, with brief minutes and agreements also sent through email. They endeavoured to keep the budget tracked and updated fortnightly, helping to ensure peace of mind for a very happy client.



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