FMB Cymru has partnered with 67 organisations to help deliver the Optimised Retrofit project, which will see more than 1,700 homes across Wales made more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly through upgrades. 

Retrofit works will include a mix of home improvements and energy and heating technology, and the project will initially be focused on social housing. These works will help to make homes across Wales more energy efficient to contribute to tackling the climate emergency and will also reduce bills for residents.

Optimised Retrofit is part of Welsh Government’s wider investment to reduce the carbon footprint of all homes across Wales, having already committed a further £50 million for this financial year. 

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As well as the surveying, analysis, design and project management work needed at a strategic level, the project needs a wide range of construction skills and trades to deliver the home improvements – whether that is installing solar panels or a battery for the home or improving insulation and windows. 

The programme requires the skills of Master Builder companies to help deliver these works, and there is a lot of work to be done.

While initial works will focus on social housing, Wales has a total of 1.4 million homes that need to be upgraded by 2050, which means retrofit works will need to be rolled out to private landlords as well as homeowners.

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Retrofit and energy efficiency 

The FMB is campaigning for a national retrofit strategy and greater investment in green energy retrofit programs across the UK. To find out more visit our campaigns page or contact our policy team today.