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Adding an extension to your home can really bring a a sense of space, style and comfort - as well as adding real value if done correctly. As is so often the case preparation is key, and we provide guidance on measures you should take before you undertake any building project.

Once your preparation is complete and you have chosen a builder you're happy to work with, there are also steps you can take ensure your project runs smoothly throughout. Ultimately these come down to laying the groundwork for clear, positive client-builder relationship, as well as letting your neighbours know that work is soon to get underway. 

Image of new extension

In this example one of our Master Builders shows how a close working relationship between client, builder and architect is the key to building better, having delivered this specially designed extension for a new kitchen and re-worked the entire existing interior of a family home.

Bridgehurst Builders worked  closely with the architect and a specialist kitchen provider, they overcame tough technical challenges such as the consolidation of three roof structures and revitalised ageing infrastructure to complete a perfect combination of traditional and modern design elements.

Bridgehurst Builders picked up the 2019 Southern Counties Master Builder Award for small renovation projects, going on to compete in the national category, which was sponsored by RISA and FENSA. Whilst they didn't take home the title this build is still testament to value of a quality extension built by a Master Builder.

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