An eclectic interior is a decor that comprises lots of different diverse elements – a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colours. You can mix together all the styles you like best. All the unique pieces can work together seamlessly and the mismatched styles add to the ‘anything goes’ look.


If you love simple décor with clean lines, crisp furnishings and smooth surfaces, contemporary interiors might just be for you. Neutrals, black, and white are the main colours in contemporary interiors. While sometimes criticised as impersonal and cold, contemporary interiors are still able to be comfortable and welcoming. It's a style that is equally appropriate for offices, stores, lofts and homes.


A safari-styled room can combine a mixture of colours and textures. Accent colours like rusty reds, burnt oranges, and olive greens, along with dark wood panels, both bring warm contrast to the otherwise neutral colours and space. Sophisticated wicker furniture and a collection of leafy plants, plush pillows, long billowy curtains and worldly, vintage-inspired decor around the room will add to the feel.

Carefully chosen materials will enhance a safari-chic room. Wood, clay, leather and rattan will give your safari theme an added sense of authenticity and rustic appeal.


With a fresh palette of blues and white, a host of natural materials and fabrics and aquatic themes, coastal interiors have a laid back and calm feel. White bleached wooden furniture, nautical accessories and well-worn textures create a fresh, clean, light and airy feel to a room. The style is elegant and refined but still warm and relaxed.


Minimalist interiors are sophisticated and sleek. To get started you’ll need to clear all surfaces of clutter. You’ll also need to have a neutral colour base and keep different colours to a minimum. Perhaps try different textures in similar colours to keep your room looking neat and clean. Another good tip is to invest in stylish storage units which add to the look of your room and will allow you to keep your belongings hidden from view.

Scandinavian interior design

If you thought you liked the sound of minimalism, Scandi design principles are even more simple and straightforward, while still remaining ultra-functional. It celebrates natural light in a place that can go many months with very little sun. Expect to find light, bright colours with subtle art on the walls. By embracing the hygge philosophy, Danes have understood how to show off the best of Scandinavian modern design while still layering a space to feel cosy.


Often found in loft apartments and modern properties, industrial design is all about showcasing a building’s basic materials. Rather than trying to conceal brickwork, ventilation units and pipes, the point is to show them off. Industrial design adds a raw, unfinished look to a home and has a warehouse feel. Often industrial themed properties have pieces that are as much about function as style.



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