As we continue to face restrictions on the way we live and work, we can take some comfort from stories of good deeds to support others when they need it most. One example comes from Chichester-based Master Builder TED Construction & Developments Ltd.

TED Construction & Developments Ltd were on-hand to support staff and residents at two local care homes as the coronavirus lockdown meant vital supplies were in short supply.

As a former employee at Tenchley Manor care home, TED Construction director Deborah Grounsell had maintained contact with her former colleagues. Upon hearing that another former staffer at Tenchley was experiencing difficulties in securing PPE equipment at massively inflated prices at her new care home, Auburn Lodge, the team offered their support. Deborah set to work monitoring merchant sites for PPE before tracking down 56 pairs of safety goggles. The goggles were gifted to the care home as part of a care package that also included three large bottles of handcream as well as packets of biscuits and cakes for the staff.

After Deborah saw a Facebook post from another former colleague about a lack of equipment at Tenchley Manor, the team came to the rescue once again. After receiving details of the items staff were struggling to secure, TED Construction & Development Ltd were able to source two large boxes of disposable overshoes. The overshoes were donated along with some more large bottles of e45 handcream and biscuits.

Both donations were made during the lockdown period, with the packages dropped off on doorsteps to ensure social distancing was maintained.

Deborah’s thoughtfulness in preparing the additional items in the care packages demonstrates her understanding of the challenges faced by those caring for others:

“The hand cream came about because I know as a previous care worker, that your hands get so incredibly sore from frequent hand washing and the use of alcohol gels etc,” she said.

The biscuits were just to put a very small smile on their faces. Sometimes as a care worker, the breaks can be extremely limited and I imagine particularly now that this is even more so with lower staffing levels where the same amount of care still has to be provided. Sometimes, a biscuit is just what the doctor ordered when you only have time for a very quick cuppa on a very long shift!”

While the donations were made without any expectation of recognition, news of the donations was shared on social media by the appreciative staff at the care homes. The team at TED Construction & Developments Ltd were also sent a wonderful thank-you card:

Picture of thank you card



The donations by TED Construction & Development Ltd are the latest in a series of examples of Master Builders stepping up to support others in their community during the pandemic.

If you have examples of Master Builders helping others, we would love to hear from you! 

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