bp aims to help businesses of all sizes transition from traditional energy sources to more sustainable alternatives, and at competitive prices. 

Through the two-year partnership, bp and the FMB aim to help members access products, services and information that support businesses to reduce costs and adapt to more sustainable practices, even if you just have one vehicle.

Save money with a bp SME Fuel & Charge card

Whether you’ve already made the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), or you’re driving around with a petrol/diesel vehicle, you can manage your vehicle’s energy needs with the hybrid bp SME Fuel & Charge card.

FMB members will receive a weekly fixed price across all bp sites, which is related to the market costs of diesel and unleaded, averagely lower than the national average of bp sites. For FMB members, bp will further discount this price by up to 4 pence per litre. You can also view the latest BP weekly fuel prices

The card lets you access bp’s network to purchase fuel and electricity for EVs via the 1,200 bp fuel stations and the bp pulse network: the UK’s largest public charging network with 8,000+ charging points. In addition to this, bp fuel cards are accepted at thousands of partner sites, including Gulf, Texaco and Esso.

bp’s online services, which are activated after signing up for a card, also let you manage your cards, monitor your vehicle fleet costs and download reports and HMRC invoices 24/7 at your convenience. 

The BPme app, the first mobile fuel-purchasing app in the UK that connects to fuel cards, also allows you and your employees to pay for fuel without leaving the vehicle, manage digital receipts and mileage capture. 

Get rewarded while you refuel 

The BPme Rewards card, which can be accessed through the BPme app, also allows you and your employees to earn and redeem points at the pump at BP sites getting little perks such as a free coffee. 

So, whether you’ve already made the switch to EVs, plan to in the future, or simply want to benefit from attractive pricing, the bp SME Fuel & Charge card can help you save time and money when managing your vehicle fleet.


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