In line with the FMB’s call for a National and Regional retrofit strategy, we continue to lobby for investment and clear policy leadership. As part of giving members a voice, FMB NI are a foundation member of the Lloyds Housing Forum along with several other collaborations including the Belfast Retrofit Hub dealing with overlapping themes.

What is the Lloyds Housing Forum?

The forum, led by a steering group of senior figures from across the housing sector, is tasked with considering the issues facing the housing market in Northern Ireland and developing policy solutions.

A new report from the Forum for a Better Housing Market NI has revealed that nearly two- thirds of homes across Northern Ireland need to be upgraded to reduce their emissions in a bid to meet net zero targets.

What does the research highlight?

Carried out by Ulster University and taking strong evidence from FMB members, the report found that 60% of homes will need improving to meet the country’s 2030 net zero targets —roughly 50,000 buildings a year.

These targets, set out in the Northern Ireland Energy Strategy, aim for a 56% reduction in energy-related carbon emissions by 2030 relative to 1990 levels.

What recommendations does the report make?

The route to low carbon homes, sets out recommendations to support the process of decarbonisation across Northern Ireland’s housing sector, which currently contributes to 14% of the country’s total greenhouse emissions.

Most notable is the recommendation to develop a single-policy vision that focuses on incentivising developers, construction firms, social housing providers and homeowners to create more energy-efficient homes.

Other suggestions include using a range of retrofitting solutions such as fabric-based interventions and low-carbon heating systems, embracing the role of technology, collaborating with experts, and developing a more diverse range of incentive-based green mortgage products.

A full copy of the report can be found on the forum’s website.

A big thanks goes out to the members who provided their feedback and attended the report’s launch in May:

Gavin McGuire with FMB members Ian Lowry, Willie and Diane Moffitt, Mark Gribben
Pictured: FMB Northern Ireland Director Gavin McGuire with FMB members Ian Lowry, Willie and Diane Moffitt, Mark Gribben.



Gavin McGuire

Gavin McGuire

Director, FMB Northern Ireland, Federation of Master Builders