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The average time it takes for a house to be off the market ranges from 60 to 90 days. This factor can be a disadvantage for many owners who need to sell their house fast. Oftentimes, owners make this decision based on personal issues, financial hardship, or new job opportunities. While the process of selling a house may be long-standing there are other strategies homeowners can use to sell their house quickly.

Choosing the right agent

The need for buying or selling a house has always existed. All around the world, estate agents are employed by people to assist them in selling or buying properties. If the owner has a time constraint of when their house needs to be sold, obtaining an agent could be a beneficial factor for this. Most agents have connections with other agents, by allowing the agent to spread the information of the home, the chances of it gaining a client increases. Many of these agents have a wealth of knowledge of what buyers seek in a house thus saving the owner time and energy. By being skilled in the field, an estate agent will be in the position to provide renovation advice to the owner that will draw attention to the home. If an owner is to resort to an agent, it is best recommended he or she hires one with a track record of sales. The more experience an agent is, the greater is the likelihood of the house being sold. Not only is an agent's job to guide owners on the house selling process but also understanding the owners' needs and accommodating their service to the owner’s goals.

Decluttering, repairing, updating and the benefits of cleaning

Usually, when homebuyers are seeking a new home, having a large storage space has been known to be a big selling point for buyers. If an owner wants to sell their house fast, it is encouraged that they clean and declutter their house before exhibiting to potential buyers. Oftentimes, when a home is still being resided during the selling process, personal belongings have yet to be stored elsewhere. Not only would decluttering make the house look bigger but it will allow its best features to stand out. Removing personal items such as knick-knacks, religious items, or family photos can distract and prevent potential buyers from picturing themselves living in the house. Most buyers look for a home where they can feel safe and clean. A home filled with a stranger’s belongings would not be an inviting factor to buyers, the number of bacteria and effort needed to furnish would be a financial turnoff to many homebuyers.

As well as this never forget that home improvements can play a major part in how quickly a property sells as well as the asking price you will achieve. Renovating your home can add as much as £50,000 on the asking price, and still enable you to obtain a fast sale.

Investing in a photographer

Having the internet at the grasp of a hand has evolved the home selling process in ways one could not imagine. The internet is fast, efficient, and easy to manoeuvre around. It is through the internet that buyers can search for new homes. If an owner wants to sell their home under a time crunch, the best way to advertise the information is through the internet. However, if the owner does decide to take that path, it should be advised that he or she should present the online viewers with appropriate and professional pictures of the house. Photographs are an essential factor for buyers because they provide the opportunity for buyers to connect with the property. With everything being on social media and the internet, pictures are more accessible and can be easily shared with others. However, if the homeowner does not provide any of the home's features on the photos, prospective buyers may develop a false idea of the home and can quickly lose interest in it. Photographers are skilled in capturing detailed moments and editing software, this can benefit owners by strengthening the home's features and softening its weak points.

Home seasons

There is a time and place for everything, the same applies to houses. Out of the whole year, the only time when the property market is the busiest takes place during the summer. Summer has always been portrayed as a season where the weather is right, and the listing of houses is endless. When dealing with a time limit, the owner should sell their property during this time because of the chances of their home being bought off the market. Oftentimes, the decision to move is the owner's decision, if that is the case, it should be noted that other factors like the economy, condition of the home, and the market play an important role on how fast houses are sold.

Price matters

‘We buy any house’ firms specialise in buying houses off the market fast for cash. One of the big advantages of owning a property outright includes having full authority to do whatever they want with it. Oftentimes, many use their home as a place to settle down or renovate to suit their needs. Around 6.71% of the population has obtained a millionaire status, meaning the rest of the 93.29% are close to or have yet to reach that status. Not everyone on the market is a millionaire, which implies that if an owner wants to sell their house fast, affordability is one of the main factors the owner should consider. The right price for a house should be one where both sides can benefit from. When setting up the price of the property, it is highly advised that the home seller considers upgrades such as new appliances and features onto their final price. To have an estimate of what the right price should be, the owner should investigate the average price of houses within the neighbourhood. Not only does the price of a house affect the number of potential buyers but it also plays a role in how fast a property is bought.

Flexible showings

When dealing with a time crunch, the owner should be accommodating to as many house showings as possible. An increased number of showings provide the people that visit the house a more in-depth and better immersive idea of the internal layout. Viewing a house on the internet versus visiting it does not provide the same experience. On occasions, photos tend to be a bit misleading to buyers, therefore it is recommended for the owner to provide prospective buyers the opportunity of visiting the house in person. Flexibility with possible client's schedules is one of the easiest ways to get many buyers through the door. Setting certain regulations of when an owner wants to showcase their home may be convenient to the owner, but it would reduce the number of interested buyers. Although it may be a discomfort to the owner, having their home organized and open to showings would increase the likelihood of the house being sold. This is because the flexible schedule that a good house seller has would allow people that have alternating and more strict time schedules to visit the property.


All in all, there are many buyers within the market, if an owner is unable to be flexible with their showcasing, the owner should not worry. Other ways such as social media advertising and virtual tours allow prospective buyers to get to know the house without ever stepping foot in it.

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