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At Abilo, we often hear about actions for carbon offsetting:

  • investing in carbon offset programs
  • research and development for innovative, low-carbon technologies
  • implementing systems to offset emissions
  • installing on-site renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines using energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems
  • purchasing electric vehicles
  • upgrading construction machinery and equipment

The harsh reality is that we need profits to implement new systems and invest in carbon offset programs.

Are there ways companies can be more energy-efficient today without having to change their business completely?

Construction companies can take simple actions to work towards achieving net-zero emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry.

It's not always about finding innovative solutions; we want to focus on the simple actions that can be taken.

Some examples of measures that can be implemented with the help of the Abilo App:

Energy efficiency

  • Use energy-efficient materials by partnering with building suppliers.

Sustainable materials

  • Opt for sustainable and eco-friendly building materials.
  • Use recycled materials whenever possible and choose materials with a lower carbon footprint.
  • Implement proper insulation and sealing to reduce energy waste.

Waste reduction

  • Minimise construction waste by ordering appropriately, reusing and recycling materials.

Employee training

  • Train construction teams in sustainable practices and encourage them to adopt eco-friendly habits on construction sites.

Efficient transportation

  • Adopt transportation strategies that minimise emissions. Plan construction logistics to minimise transport emissions.

How can tech help businesses grow while also meeting their net zero targets?

  • Lack of preparation for a sudden change in fortunes caused by the loss of a large contract or the late payment of a major invoice can have fatal consequences for a business.
  • It is critical to actively manage work in progress, cash and milestone payments to get ahead of problems.

How do we maximise profits and minimise costs?

  • The software solution, Abilo, has been implemented and tested over the past 13 years in a construction business. This product was developed by harnessing the expertise of both a construction business and a technology provider.
  • As a UK-based company, we comprehend the specific challenges faced by UK construction firms and understand requirements, needs, barriers, and challenges encountered by construction businesses during technology adoption.
  • Abilo empowers clients to save time, resources, and increase profits.
  • You can connect all departments through the collaborative platform, ensuring technology accessibility for operatives, suppliers, contractors and clients alike.

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