Building Company of the Year national finalists 2021

Congratulations to the regional and devolved nations' winners of the 2021 Building company of the year who will now go on to compete in the National Master Builder Awards on 24 September 2021. Check out the full list of national finalists below and learn more about their projects.

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Building Company of the Year - R & M Williams Ltd (Cymru)

R & M Williams Ltd_Building Company of the Year_Wales.jpg

R & M Williams Ltd impressed the judges as an exceptional business that effectively weathered the effects of the pandemic and continued to deliver high-quality projects. Their staff training programmes have picked up LABC awards in the past and impressed the Master Builder Awards judges too, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the development of apprentices and the careers of those who worked for the company. This Master Builder was also recognised for the trust, understanding and honesty they bring to their commercial relationships, strengthening the reputation they have built over the course of more than half a century.

Find out more about R & M Williams Ltd.

Building Company of the Year - Interprove Limited (Eastern)

Bouncing back from the brink following a struggle to recoup more than £300,000 from a bad debtor, Interprove Limited have demonstrated a renewed commitment to customer service that has truly gone above and beyond. The judges praised the company’s “drive to maintain a business on the brink when [it] could have been easier to fold and start again...", as well as their openness to flexible hours, supporting those in need, and use of CITB funds to support training. Their commitment to promoting employees from within has also seen them retain staff and grow their business and their client-base to all new levels. The company’s future now looks to be in safe hands.

Find out more about Interprove Limited.

Building Company of the Year - Ultimate Engineers Ltd (London)

Despite grappling with the myriad challenges posed by the pandemic, Brexit, material and staff shortages and more, Ultimate Engineers impressed the judges as with their “good teamwork ethos and evidence of customer care”. They hold regular team meetings and discuss all responsibilities with their tradespeople in detail to ensure everybody can work in harmony and stay one step ahead of volatile material prices by maintaining a network of reliable suppliers. Team members are trusted with flexible working patterns to ensure they can deliver their best on every project, resulting in excellent customer satisfaction on all their builds.

Find out more about Ultimate Engineers Ltd.

Building Company of the Year - Cornerhouse Building Contractors (Midlands)

This nomination told a positive story of a business that worked through the pandemic and maintained a keen focus on delivering a great service to customers, keeping projects on-track despite significant disruptions to the industry. The judges recognised that Cornerhouse Building Contractors go the extra mile to ensure their staff have the best equipment and are always empowered to contribute to projects from the outset. As the company continues to grow and take on projects of increasing size and complexity, it’s clear the team can look forward to an engaging and rewarding future.

Find out more about Cornerhouse Building Contractors.

Building Company of the Year - I J Curry & Son Ltd (Northern Counties)

When company owner and director, Ian Curry – a 30-year FMB veteran – suffered a heart attack in September 2019, he and his team showed tremendous resilience to continue delivering for their clients and for each other. The judges noted that even with the additional obstacles presented by the pandemic, this is a business that has continued to grow and thrive, even taking on a new joinery apprentice to help them with an order book that is already filling up well into 2022. They praised I J Curry & Son’s recognition of the importance of supporting the health and wellbeing of their employees, and their “solid financials to support a good family business.”

Find out more about I J Curry & Son Ltd.

Building Company of the Year - Setanta Construction Ltd (Northern Ireland)

Setanta Construction are rightly proud of their achievements through 2019 and 2020, having won contracts for unique projects such as supplying off-site components to the Claridges Hotel Group, and expanding their team with 12 additional staff. They did this all through a pandemic while also expanding their business premises to overcome production capacity challenges. The judges recognised the business as one that has shown great strength by maintaining a large client base, excellent reviews and a strong financial footing even when under immense pressure. They were also impressed by the company’s commitment to employee training and wellbeing, which demonstrates a firm foundation for continued success.

Find out more about Setanta Construction Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer. 

Building Company of the Year - E P Muldoon Building Contractors Ltd (North West)

E P Muldoon Building Contractors impressed the judges by retaining a keen focus on work standards and a great commitment to their staff. Investing in educational courses for their team as well as offering private healthcare as an employee benefit, it is clear this is a company that rewards hard work and commitment by supporting their own as they grow and develop their careers. With their client relationships built on honesty and integrity, E P Muldoon have laid the foundations for a successful future.

Find out more about E P Muldoon Building Contractors Ltd

Building Company of the Year - Haldane Construction Services Ltd (Scotland)

Following the death of Andrew Haldane, the company’s founder, leader and mentor, the Haldane Construction Services team has shown great strength, resilience and ambition to continue his legacy. The judges noted how, despite the significant loss, the company were still able to fulfil their client commitments, even when grappling with the impact of COVID-19. It is clear that “#TeamHaldane” have bonded together and that in their own words; “If we can get through last year, we can get through anything”. In the face of extreme challenge, they have maintained the highest level of professionalism and a genuinely welcoming attitude towards clients, combined with frequent, clear communication and support.

Find out more about Haldane Construction Services Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer.

Building Company of the Year - RMR Homes Ltd (Southern Counties)

Faced with the challenges brought on by COVID-19, RMR Homes worked hard to implement  social distancing on sites and complete jobs, even with a reduced workforce. This meant furloughing staff, which was understandably difficult for some to deal with – but the team worked hard to support each during the difficult times, and thanks to their fantastic working relationships they were able to pull through. Despite the supply chain delays that have gripped the industry, RMR Homes went on to deliver high quality projects that have seen them secure several business awards recognising their fine work ethic and the value of their collaborative approach.

Find out more about RMR Homes Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer.

Building Company of the Year - Property Projects (SW) Ltd (South West)

Pulling together to face the challenges posed by the pandemic, the team at Property Projects (SW) Ltd made effective use of social media and web resources to maintain engagement with their clients when meeting in-person became impossible. They also embraced new technology to aid communications when work resumed. Throughout what the team describe as “the most difficult trading times we have ever known”, they have supported each other by instituting flexible work hours to help with increased childcare demands. They have also maintained a commitment to training apprentices that stretches as far back as 2003, demonstrating a continuous, valuable contribution to the future of the industry.

Find out more about Property Projects (SW) Ltd

Building Company of the Year - Bear Builders Ltd (Yorkshire & Trent)

Despite significant challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, Bear Builders’ stellar commitment to customer service ensured that no jobs were lost. The judges noted the great company ethos, particularly its vision for the future, its training of staff, and the commitment to sustainability and maintaining zero-waste in their projects. Taking the time to invest in tradespeople who share the company’s mission has seen this Master builder grow exponentially even in the recent tough conditions.

Find out more about Bear Builders Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer.