Sustainability Award national finalists 2021

Congratulations to the regional and devolved nations' winners of the 2021 Sustainability Award who will now go on to compete in the National Master Builder Awards on 24 September 2021. Check out the full list of national finalists below and learn more about their projects.

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Sustainability Award - D G Building (East Cambs) Ltd (Eastern)

Eco-build specialists D G Building (East Cambs) Ltd brought together this stunning blend of timber, zinc, glass and lighting elements to complete a stunning finish both internally and externally in this client’s new-build home. Using a combination of solar SVP, air-source heat pumps and water supplied from a well, this Master Builder has created a house powered entirely by renewable energy sources. The property also complies with 2050 targets for zero-carbon new builds, making it 30 years ahead of its time and the perfect home for carbon-conscious dwellers for generations to come.

Find out more about D G Building (East Cambs) Ltd.

Sustainability Award - Earl and Calam Design and Build Ltd (London)

The judges hailed this extensive retrofit renovation as a “well-considered project [that] put fabric-first at the heart of the design”. The team at Earl and Calam Design and Build embarked on specialist training specifically to do it justice. The results are evident in the abundance of green technology throughout the home including passive solar panels, external wall insulation (EWI) and the implementation of a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. The judges also noticed the significant improvement in the overall aesthetic at the property, which is now a stylish, modern, and energy efficient family home.

Find out more about Earl and Calam Design and Build Ltd, which is also an FMB Insurance customer.

Sustainability Award - Carrock Homes Ltd (Northern Counties)

Carrock Homes Ltd were more than up to the challenging task of converting this historic cruck barn into a modern, energy-efficient family home. After the careful restoration of the original oak frames using traditional construction techniques long-forgotten by most contemporary builders, Carrock installed a raft of modern technological features including an air-source heat pump, sustainable drainage and a ventilation system. This Master Builder’s diligence impressed the judges and their client, who stated: “Carrock have more than accommodated our lifestyle needs and wants beyond our expectations.”

Find out more about Carrock Homes Ltd

Sustainability Award - M G Developments (NI) Ltd (Northern Ireland)

Made using a timber frame, larch and fibre cement cladding and a sedum roof, this eco-project by M G Developments (NI) Ltd satisfied the demanding requirements for Passivhaus certification and demonstrates exceptional attention to detail on the part of the builder. The judges highlighted the intense technical scrutiny the build needed to withstand to achieve the coveted standard and were also impressed by the wealth of bespoke materials and products used. They described the finished product as “excellent” and deemed it a wonderful family home and worthy winner of the award.

Find out more about M G Developments (NI) Ltd

Sustainability Award - Spey Building & Joinery Ltd (Scotland)

Undertaking the repurposing of this old packing shed into a creative design studio in a remote location, the team at Spey Building & Joinery lived locally throughout this project. Trips to the site were minimised to just one per week, and rather than demolishing the existing structure they instead repurposed it, which helped to reduce waste. Spey alternated between using birch-faced plywood and common house brick for the walls and flooring, which contrast well and provide a simple, yet effective and durable solution. The client stated: “Angus Reid-Evans, director of Spey Building & Joinery, is approachable, cheery and practical” and praised the team for bringing “friendliness and understanding” to the build.

Find out more about Spey Building & Joinery Ltd.

Sustainability Award - Mitchells Construction & Development Ltd (Southern Counties)

When Mitchells Construction & Development were contacted by an environmental rights campaigner looking to build their dream eco home, they rose to meet the challenge and overcame ground quality issues to delight their client. Located on a nature reserve and carefully designed to blend with and complement the surrounding area, the house makes use of sustainable features such as rainwater harvesting and recycled insulation material to ensure a harmonious relationship with mother earth. “I have a home for the future that uses minimal resources and is part of and aids its habitat” says the new owner, and we’re going green too – with envy!

Find out more about Mitchells Construction & Development Ltd.

Sustainability Award - Chris Noakes Construction (South West)

Following the demolition of the existing bungalow, Chris Noakes Construction undertook the creation of this insulated, two-storey timber-framed and strawbale house using almost exclusively locally sourced materials. Acting on their client’s brief to design and build a sustainable, attractive and comfortable new home, the team installed an array of solar panels, natural ventilation channels and made use of breathable fabrics to maximise energy efficiency. Both the build process and the results delighted their client, whose testimonial reads:

Chris and his team are professional, diligent and great to have around… The house has exceeded my expectations on every level. Thank you so much."

Find out more about Chris Noakes Construction.