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Are you interested in becoming a small housing developer? Would you find guidance from others in the new homes industry useful to get you started?

This webinar will explore The Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC’s) new guide ‘Becoming a small housing developer: advice and guidance from others in the new homes industry’, which is designed to help those starting out as small housing developers, or looking to do so.

The guide, which was developed in collaboration with the FMB, aims to be a source of help and guidance for all new and prospective small developers.

It brings together tips and advice from experienced people in the industry, and runs through some of the key steps and processes that underpin successful housing development projects.  

It has been developed by the CLC's SME Housing Sub-group, and produced with the support of the FMB. The group is chaired by FMB Vice-President Chris Carr, who will speak alongside John Slaughter, Director of Industry Affairs at the Home Builders Federation and Chair of the CLC Housing workstream, and the guide's author, Andrew Dixon.

The webinar will cover the following key areas:

  • The fundamentals: land, development finance and planning;
  • Pre-build to handover: key elements of the process from building a team to sales and marketing
  • Other key considerations, including sustainability and modern methods


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