Whether your business has one or more vehicles, bp can help you reduce costs while moving towards electrifying your fleet with our helpful solutions. No matter what type of vehicle(s) you have, EV or non-EV, the SME bp Fuel & Charge card is the all-in-one solution that suits all fleets’ energy needs.

How you can benefit from an SME bp Fuel & Charge card and innovate for a better tomorrow

Take advantage of a bp fuel card that combines fuelling and charging, offset emissions with our dedicated programme, bp Target Neutral, and make easy cashless payments with our mobile app, BPme. Use our innovative solution for a better tomorrow.

Other benefits of the SME bp Fuel and Charge card include: 

  • Get £30 cashback straight to your bank account when you spend £60 at a bp forecourt with your SME bp Fuel and Charge card.
  • Favourable pricings and discounts.
  • Less paperwork, HMRC recognised invoices.
  • Cashless payments with BPme app.
  • bp Target Neutral: connect your bp fuel card to carbon offsetting.
  • All-in-one solution for both fuelling and charging. 
  • Redeemable points for shopping or fuelling at bp stations with BPme Rewards.

Members should login to reveal a button to find out more and request a bp SME Fuel and Charge card 

What FMB members get

FMB members will gain access to an SME bp Fuel & Charge card with no network access fees or card fees on the account, plus access to discounted fuel at bp sites on both Diesel and Unleaded. The bp network is the largest single branded network in the UK with over 1300 sites holding the highest number of motorway sites as a brand and over 500 sites on major roads in the UK. The card also provides access to the largest public charging network in the country, bp pulse, with over 8,000 charging points. 

The discounted fuel price

FMB members will receive a weekly fixed price across all bp sites, that is related to the market costs of diesel and unleaded, averagely lower than the national average of bp sites. And then! For FMB members we will further discount this price by up to 4 pence per litre. Members can also view bp's Pricing Appendix for more information. 

Latest discounted fuel prices for FMB members week commencing 23 May 2022 at all branded BP sites:

  • Diesel 176.38 pence per litre (inc VAT)
  • Unleaded 163.70 pence per litre (inc VAT)

Diesel and unleaded fuel discounts at BP sites for FMB members using a bp Fuel & Charge card with no network access fees or card fees.