Build Aviator provides project estimating services for your construction project,  from product specifications, procurement, to assisting with a smooth process through building control sign off. Whether you’re a builder, architect or self-builder, Build Aviator puts you, our customer, at the heart of every project, whether building to minimum regulations or achieving an increased level of comfort and energy efficiency.

Through Build Aviator services, guidance and support, we help you to save time, build intelligently, reduce risks and make you more competitive for every job.

  1. Upload the plans for your project
  2. We let you know the cost to price this project
  3. You confirm if you’d like to go ahead
  4. Once confirmed, we book your estimate in
  5. An estimator calls you to discuss project specifics
  6. The estimator completes your estimate
  7. The estimator calls you to run through project costs
  8. Any amends can be completed free of charge
  9. Hand the professional quotation to your client
  10. Impress your clients, win more work

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