ECOBRIX woodcrete insulated concrete blocks are formed from cement-bonded wood fibre material. The specially graded recycled waste wood is initially chipped into wood chip and then mineralised and bonded together with Cem 1 cement. Recycled ECOBRIX can be used as part of the mixing process, as it acts as a filler. Limestone grit is added to the mix for internal wall units, as it helps with acoustic properties. The cement-bonded wood chip mix is then moulded and stamped out to form the many shapes that comprise the full range of ECOBRIX wall form units. Once the ECOBRIX units have been produced, external wall units are filled with PIR insulation.

Advantages over Traditional Construction:

  • Lightweight, porous and very durable (unaffected by weather)
  • Vermin, insect, rot and decay proof
  • Contains no plastic, foams or polystyrene
  • Made from recycled timber (82% wood content)
  • Fire Resistant during construction (no additional boards) and for 240 minutes once complete
  • Single wall gives U-Value 0.14 without any additional insulation 
  • All services can be cut into the blocks using Timber tools
  • Render can be applied directly to the blocks 
  • BBA Certified and Warrantied 

Training days available.

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