Alok Sharma MP, the Business Secretary, has written an open letter to the UK construction sector to reassure the industry that work on site and in people’s homes can continue, despite the introduction of tighter measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Sharma is clear that even in the new Tier 4 areas of England, firms and tradespeople in the construction industry and its supply chain can continue to operate. This means that if you are a small house builder, or working in the repair, maintenance and improvement sector, you can continue to carry out your work, so long as you and your workforce are doing so in a covid-secure way.

The letter confirms that construction workers can move between Tiers if it is essential to do so to work. It is also clear that builders merchants will stay open.

After the toughest of years for small builders, this message and this clarity is welcome. Similar assurance has been issued by the governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you are going to keep working at this time, make sure to check out the FMB’s coronavirus web pages for advice on how to do so in a way that’s covid-secure.

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