Nothing quite sparks a career evaluation like a global pandemic and the role of an apprenticeship End Point Assessor has certainly been a logical career step for several industry professionals, who wish to mix up their “on the tools” work with apprenticeship assessments.

In 2016 the English Apprenticeship system underwent its greatest shakeup in 20 years. Out went the apprenticeship frameworks and in came apprenticeship standards.

One of the major differences being the requirement in apprenticeship standards to have an independent “End test” commonly known as End Point Assessment.

This End Point Assessment is the formal final, independent confirmation that the apprentice can work at the required industry standard.

This End Point Assessment may take many forms, from online exams, practical skill tests, professional interviews and presentations. However, all of the assessments require the involvement of industry experts to ensure that an apprentice’s competence is assessed to the highest industry standards.

End Point Assessors are the backbone of the End Point Assessment system, but you don’t have to have taught in a college or worked in the education sector to become an End Point Assessor. With all apprentices needing to take an independent assessment at the end of their training, the sector needs more than ever highly skilled individuals to help ensure the next generation of builders has the right skills and competences to maintain the industry’s need.

Technical experts who become assessors, provide up to date high-quality industry expertise, but also bring their flair and personality to the operation. But importantly End Point Assessors provide a robust and independent process (EPA), which is essential to giving employers confidence that apprentices completing an apprenticeship standard can perform in the industry.

What will the role need me to do?

As an End Point Assessor, you must be independent of those apprentices you will be assessing, as you will make the final grading decision on the apprentice’s competency, subject to moderation by our quality assurance process.

As an independent End Point Assessor, you will be expected to deliver a clear, impartial result based on how the apprentice demonstrates competency in their role.

Assessment qualifications are needed in some but not all cases, but they are several routes to these qualifications, which can be studied remotely.

An End Point Assessor role is often an appointment style, variable contract, which allows our End Point Assessors to decide how much or how little they wish to work. It is flexible, many of our assessors are EPAs alongside their full-time roles or act as an End Point Assessor for several EPAOs.

What do you gain from the role?

End Point Assessment is a great way to give back to your industry. High quality, and professional judgements of competence are what underpins a high-quality apprenticeship system. As an End Point Assessor, you will receive remuneration for your time and assessments you carry out, along with reasonable expenses and costs.

Been an End Point Assessor is a fulfilling role, which offers continuous professional development alongside interaction with leading employers and apprentices. EPAOs often work with some of the world largest companies, employers and brands. Giving great exposure to continued professional development (CPD) and learning for the assessor.

Why does the apprenticeship system need technical experts?

Apprenticeships in England offer a diverse and growing number of job roles. EPAOs such as NOCN Group operate in over 60 different apprenticeship standards, in over 150 different industries. This requires a technically diverse workforce, which has sufficient geographical coverage.

EPAOs also need to take into account that many apprentices are within specialist industries which operate the latest techniques and processes, requiring the latest levels of competence from our assessors.

How do I apply and what do I need to complete?

All of NOCN Group’s applications are completed via a secure Microsoft forms application. We require all of our applicants to fully complete this process, which generates a standardised electronic CV. This will then be used by our recruitment team to review your application and process it to the next stage.

Apply today or find more about NOCN Group, End Point Assessment in this video.

Further training and support

As part of NOCN Group, One Awards offer industry-leading Assessor training and qualifications, which allow potential assessors to seek a recognised assessor qualification making the first steps into becoming an End Point Assessor.

These courses include;

  • NOCN Level 3 Assessor Qualifications
  • NOCN Level 1 Award in Awareness of Safeguarding and Prevent
  • The Principles of good practice in Assessment
  • NOCN Level 4 Award in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment
  • Principles and Practice of End Point Assessment

Visit the One Awards website to find out more.

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Thomas Burton

Director of Apprenticeships, NOCN Group