Lilium Homes Ltd
Lilium Homes Ltd

Earlier this autumn I met Samantha Maccuish of Lilium Homes Ltd in Glasgow. Samantha was elected by fellow members onto the FMB Scotland board earlier this year. As well as visiting two of their building projects, we discussed a range of issues including the building standards system, workloads, apprentices and managing client expectations. It was great to meet Sam and some of her team.

Another recent highlight for me was a high-profile networking event in central Glasgow. This was hosted by the trade association for the electrical contracting industry: SELECT. Delegates included senior Scottish government figures, along with other senior representatives from the UK’s leading construction organisations.

The FMB's Gordon Nelson, flanked by Fiona Hodgson and Stephanie Lowe from SNIPEF
The FMB's Gordon Nelson, flanked by Fiona Hodgson and Stephanie Lowe from SNIPEF.

Monica Lennon Labour MSP for Central Scotland was the headline speaker. Ms Lennon, who is Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Construction, said that net zero would be one such challenge that the construction sector would have to embrace. One of my roles is as the Secretary of this Cross-Party group. We are next meeting on 25 October to hear a case study of a successful collaboration between a client and a contractor on reducing carbon from the construction process. I am expecting MSPs from all of the political parties to attend.

Warm words about the construction industry

Monica Lennnon MSP addresses guests
Monica Lennnon MSP addresses guests at an industry networking event in Glasgow. 

In Glasgow, Monica called for greater collaboration and cooperation to help the construction sector overcome the many challenges that lay ahead. Monica said ‘Net zero offers huge challenges, but it is a journey we cannot avoid. We need to create an open dialogue between politicians, the construction industry and society as a whole to ensure we have the right skills to reach our objective.’

Ms Lennon – who worked for over a decade as a chartered town planner – also said that the construction bodies present should be proud of their many achievements and that they would play a key role in Scotland’s future.

‘The work the construction industry does, year in year out, in building communities for our constituents is hugely appreciated, but we do not say thank you enough.

‘Whether in creating new homes, driving innovation, providing opportunities for our young people to enjoy highly skilled, well-paid work, and stressing the importance of a safe working environment, it is the construction sector that lights a path for everyone.’

These positive words from a politician are encouraging and the FMB and our members have a key role in continuing to be leading ambassadors for the construction industry. Get in touch with me if you want to more about how the FMB influences policy makers in Scotland.


Gordon Nelson

Gordon Nelson

FMB Scotland Hub Director, Federation of Master Builders

Director, Federation of Master Builders Scotland

Gordon has nearly twenty years’ experience of working in membership organisations in Scotland and joined the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) in 2014. Prior to this, he worked at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) and for Unilever in business development, membership management and business-to-business marketing roles. Amongst his responsibilities in his role as the Director for FMB Scotland are public affairs, media relations, governance and representing member’s interests to Scottish policy makers and stakeholders within the Scottish construction industry. Gordon is the Secretary of the Cross-Party Group on Construction in the Scottish Parliament, and he is a member of the Scottish Building Standards Futures Board. Gordon represents the FMB on Scotland’s Construction Industry Collective Voice: which is comprised of the leading construction trade and professional bodies. In spring 2023 Gordon was appointed as an industry co-chair of the Construction Leaderships Forum’s (CLF) Transformation Board.

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