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FMB State of Trade Survey, Q3 2022

For more than 30 years, the FMB's State of Trade Survey has monitored key indicators and predicted future short-term developments in the UK construction industry. It is the only survey of its kind to focus exclusively on micro, small and medium-sized (SME) firms throughout the construction sector. The survey is dispatched to the entire membership every quarter. The survey for Q3 2022 received 251 responses and they are weighted according to the number of employees.

A National Retrofit Strategy to upgrade existing homes

  • 74% of small, local builders are in favour of retrofitting UK homes.

 Market conditions

  • Both workload and enquiries have decreased in Q3 2022 compared to Q2 2022 on balance in all sectors.
  • In terms of total enquiries, a third (33%) of FMB members report an increase in Q3 compared to Q2 2022.
  • 62% of FMB members have been impacted by a shortage of materials.


  • 20% of FMB members report an increase in the number of employees within their company’s workforce in Q3 2022.
  • At least one third of FMB members are struggling to recruit carpenters/joiners, bricklayers and general labourers (43%, 38%, and 34%).


  • 90% of FMB members reported an increase in material costs in Q3 2022.
  • 88% of respondents expect material costs to increase in Q4 2022.
  • 76% of builders have put up their prices for work.

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