The national retrofit strategy from the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) sets out the case for the UK Government, working in partnership with industry, finance, and other community based bodies to introduce a long-term plan to make our existing homes greener and more energy and water efficient.

Without a long-term vision, the UK cannot meet its targets of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The strategy puts forward eight interlocking components, which are all necessary to achieving successful market transformation. These include:

  1. Leadership and communications
  2. A culture of research and innovation
  3. High performance standards
  4. Finance and grants
  5. Training and accreditation
  6. Materials and equipment
  7. Creating customer demand
  8. Compliance and quality

We are working with a coalition of more than 50 supporter organisations to lobby the Government adopt a national retrofit strategy ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP 26).