Obligations and rights:

  • You must preserve the reputation of the FMB, and act in accordance with those elements of the FMB Code of Conduct that apply to your business, including the values, principles, and advertising guidelines set out there.
  • You must actively promote awareness of the FMB amongst customers and stakeholders in the building and home improvement sector
  • The FMB logo is a registered protected trademark, and so are any claims of membership made in words. Associates registered with FMB are entitled to use these for as long as they remain in membership.
  • You agree to respond to all reasonable requests for information in relation to your application to join the FMB, and throughout your membership.
  • We will carry out vetting of your business, including financial background checks, both at the time of application and throughout your membership on an ongoing basis.
  • All subscription fees must be paid promptly when requested. Your payment will be processed immediately on receipt of your application by the FMB.
  • The Associate Membership of FMB applies only to the business named in the application and subsequently in our records. It cannot be used by any subsidiary companies, branches, or associated businesses, for which a separate application must be made.
  • The FMB provides you with benefits of membership, and these can be revised from time to time. If that happens you will be advised of these changes.
  • If FMB provides you with a Supplier Directory listing, you must keep us up to date with the information about your business that is held there, and endeavour to make sure we have up to date details, including contact details, for your business.
  • If we receive any complaints from FMB members or members of the public about your business, we will investigate in accordance with our Rules.
  • Associate members are not entitled to vote in FMB elections or to take part in any Governance role, except if they are elected as co-opted persons (CPs), as set out in the FMB Rules.
  • TrustMark registration is available through the FMB to full FMB members only, it is not applicable to Associates. 

Ending your Associate Membership:

  • Should you wish to cancel your membership you must provide one month’s written notice.
  • If information about your business comes to light which would make your continued association with the FMB detrimental to the FMB, we will follow procedures set out in FMB’s Rules and your membership may be cancelled. We reserve the right to make information about such cancellations public, in order to fulfil our consumer protection obligations.
  • You cannot remain in membership with the FMB if you cease to trade by reason of insolvency, liquidation, retirement, or any other reason. Further details are set out in the FMB Rules.
  • The FMB logo is a registered protected trademark, and so are any claims of membership made in words. Therefore, any claims of membership or logos displayed anywhere in relation to your business, must be removed immediately upon membership ending, for whatever reason.  Failure to do so is an offence for which businesses can be prosecuted by Trading Standards.

Last updated 29 January 2023